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As you look to protect your patentable innovations, our team of patent lawyers and technical personnel will work closely with you to place patent rights in the context of a broader IP strategy, coupled with practical business advice.

Working with clients across a range of industries on projects as diverse as drone and unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAVs), ballistic body armour inventions, field of pay-per-view video signals, and bottling systems for the craft brewing industry, our team is committed to helping you with:

  • conducting "prior art" searches
  • dealing with patent-related disputes
  • patent infringement analysis
  • freedom-to-operate analysis
  • patent and trade secret litigation
  • patent ownership disputes, and
  • novelty/anticipation and other validity issues

Our team has deep experience in many industries such as the oil and gas services sector including completions, drilling, extraction using SAGD and other oil sands technology, artificial lift, miscellaneous downhole tools, midstream processes and equipment, and other hydrocarbon industry equipment and processes.

Contact any one of our patent group including Tony Edwards, Lawyer and Patent Agent, at or 403-260-8590, to discuss your patent needs and obtain an initial assessment of your IP strategy.
Excalibre Oil Tools Ltd. v. Garay, 1999 CanLII 8705 (FC)
June 2017
Is Software Patentable? Recent US Case Law Offers a Glimmer of Hope
The Medium
April 2017
Patent Infringement for Listing on eBay?
By Richard Stobbe A patent owner notices that knock-off products are listed for sale on eBay. The knock-offs appear to infringe his patent. When eBay refuses to remove the allegedly infringing articles. The patent owner sues eBay for patent infringemen...
March 2017
Experimental Use of an Invention
By Richard Stobbe Inventors must take care that their invention is “new” for it to be patentable. That means the invention hasn’t been disclosed to the public. Trade show announcements, press releases, publications, offering the invention for sale – al...
September 2016
Post-Grant Patent Amendment - Canadian and US Options
November 2014
Computer and Software Related Innovation - Is There A Rationale For Filing Software Patent Applications in Canada?
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May 2014
Whose Invention Is It Anyway? Some Thoughts on Patent Inventorship and Ownership
November 2013
Patenting, Publishing and Trade Secrets: Strategies for Inventors
November 2013
Getting Your Application Through the USPTO - Expedited Examination Options
March 2013
The Heart of The Patent Bargain: Viagra Patent Invalidated In Canada
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March 2013
Utility Models, Petty Patents & Innovation Patents: Efficient IP Protection for SMEs
April 2012
Canadian Patents: Importance of Registering Assignment
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April 2012
Is Nature "Patentable"?
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Winter 2012
Canadian Patents: Not Invalid for Lack of "Good Faith"
Spring 2011
Invention Assignments: A Cautionary Tale