Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice
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The Field Law Health Group has been representing health authorities, hospitals, health care providers and their staff in medical malpractice litigation for over six decades. We defend our clients in lawsuits claiming clinical, operation or systematic negligence and breach of contract in relation to the provision of health care. The Health Law Group has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of health care in the Province, from primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals, to public health units to long-term care facilities. 

We understand that a pragmatic approach to the costs and risks of the litigation must be balanced against the reputational impact of litigation on hospitals and frontline staff. The Group provides support to frontline staff including nurses, pharmacists, occupational therapists and respiratory therapists among others, who are involved in litigation either as fact witnesses or named defendants. The support begins at the initial briefing, through Questionings and continues throughout the litigation process and at trial. We are keenly aware of the stress that litigation places on health care providers and work hard to alleviate the stress so our clients’ focus can remain on providing quality patient care to Albertans.

Throughout the years the Field Health Law Group has worked closely with clinical experts from across North America who advise on clinical standards and best practices. These relationships have enhanced our ability to best defend health care providers in the complex trial scenario including brain injury and compromised birth cases, and to mitigate liability risk for health authorities, their staff and leadership. Where appropriate the Group also engages in constructive, interest-based negotiations to achieve out of court solutions to conflict.