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In recent years, the Province of Alberta has seen extensive growth in the development of condominium projects.

As a result, we have developed experience in a variety of areas, including the financing, development, construction, marketing, and administration of commercial, residential, and mixed-use condominiums. Our services apply to many types of condominium development, including conventional condominiums, bare land condominiums, conversions, phased condominium developments, "barely blended" developments and those developments that may be a mix of any of the above.

Field Law helps developers and builders meet the requirements of provincial legislation and the municipal approval process. For example, we are responsible for preparing all disclosure documents required to be provided to purchasers under the Condominium Property Act. Field Law also represents developers in all aspects of the financing of condominium developments, including obtaining partial discharges of such financing as marketing and sales proceed.

In addition, our lawyers assist with the transition of the management of condominiums from developers to unit owners. We coordinate and chair turnover meetings in cooperation with developers, management companies and new owners. We also act for owners where the developer does not take sufficient responsibility concerning the operation of the condominium project prior to turnover.

Our lawyers work with condominium corporations, boards, and management companies in all aspects of condominium management and operation. We educate board members so that they are familiar with their ongoing responsibilities and assist boards with procedural and governance issues. We help corporations effect bylaw reviews and seek remedies against defaulting developers in the case of newly constructed projects. Field Law also provides advice in the enforcement of bylaws and the collection of arrears in line with statutory requirements. For condominium managers, we help with their interaction with condominium corporations, including drafting management agreements and reviewing management duties and obligations to the boards.

Finally, Field Law also acts for individual unit owners in situations where alleged defaults are committed by corporations or where a board or corporation may be guilty of improper conduct. We have acted for shadow boards where elected boards have behaved in such a manner that a shadow board is necessary to deal with a current board's improper behavior.

Many of our lawyers are active members of the Canadian Condominium Institute, North Alberta Chapter, a non-profit organization committed to providing condominium boards, owners and professionals with the knowledge and skills required to properly manage the day-to-day affairs of condominium living.

December 2021
AGMs The Importance of Proper Notice
Canadian Condominium Institute - Northern Alberta
Has your condominium corporation convened an Annual General Meeting (AGM) since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020? If you’re not a member of your Board of Directors and you answered ‘no’ to that question, you may want to find ...
November 19, 2021
People, Pets + Parking: How to Avoid + Address Parking Issues
Q+A Session
Join Erin Berney and John Gilbert for a complimentary webinar series designed for Property Managers based on the challenges seen most frequently: people, pets and parking. Have a legal question? Want to learn what other issues are plaguing pr...
November 2021 - 2 minute read
Exemptions Announced for Condo Manager Licensing
November 2021
Annual General Meetings: The Importance of Proper Notice
CCI North Alberta Chapter Magazine
Has your condominium corporation convened an Annual General Meeting (AGM) since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020? Erin Berney addresses this and more in the Fall 2021 edition of the Canadian Condominium Institute North Alberta Chapter Mag...
October 15, 2021
People, Pets + Parking: A Property Manager's Guide to HOAs
Q+A Session
Join Erin Berney and John Gilbert for a special edition of People, Pets + Parking! As it becomes more and more common for condominium Property Managers to also manage Homeowners' Associations (HOAs), it's important to be aware of the simil...
September 17, 2021
People, Pets + Parking: Condo Manager Regulation
Q+A Session
Join Erin Berney and Niall Burke for a complimentary webinar series designed for Property Managers based on the challenges seen most frequently: people, pets and parking. Have a legal question? Want to learn what other issues are plaguing property mana...
July 2021
Legal Costs for Condominium Corporations: A Refresher
July 9, 2021
People, Pets + Parking: Pandemic Problems - Part 2
Q+A Session
Join Erin Berney and Niall Burke for the second installment of our complimentary webinar series designed for Property Managers based on the challenges seen most frequently: people, pets and parking. Have a legal question? Want to learn what other issue...
April 30, 2021
People, Pets + Parking: Pandemic Problems - Part 1
Q+A Session
Join Erin Berney and Niall Burke for a complimentary new webinar series designed for Property Managers based on the challenges seen most frequently: people, pets and parking. Have a legal question? Want to learn what other issues are plaguing property ...
April 24, 2021
Short-Term Rentals: Legal Clarifications + Bylaw Considerations
Alberta Condo Expo 2021
With the development of apps and companies that specialize in direct marketing of short-term rental accommodations, the phenomenon of short term rentals in condominium complexes has become a hot topic. Join lawyer Erin Berney to hear about things to ke...
April 2021 - 3 min read
Saskatchewan Condominium Invests in Bitcoin
Real Estate Blog
March 2021 - 2 min read
Condo Update: Electronic Meetings Now Authorized
Real Estate Blog
March 24, 2021
Navigating the Legal Landscape of Condo Insurance
Presented by The Insurance Institute
Condo Insurance is complex and can cause headaches for brokers, adjusters, underwriters, condo boards and property managers. Learn how to navigate through the legal landscape of condominium insurance. Join Erin Berney as she presents this virtual ...
March 2021 - 7 min read
Coming Soon? Virtual Meetings for Condominiums
Real Estate Blog
February 2021 - 7 min read
Understanding Board Member Duties: When Condo Boards Fail
Real Estate Blog
November 2020
The Importance of Notice
Real Estate Blog
November 2020
Amending Bylaws by Ordinary Resolution: When is a Conflict a Conflict?
Real Estate Blog
October 2020 - 4 min read
UPDATE – Ministerial Order 009/2020 Expired: Condos Once More Required to Convene AGMs
Real Estate Blog
October 2020 - 2 min read
Asserting Privilege in the Condominium Context
Real Estate Blog
June 2020
Condo Corporations Now Permitted to Access Reserve Funds in “Emergencies”
Real Estate Blog
April 2020 - 4 min read
Suspended: Condo Time Frames and Rights of Entry
Real Estate Blog
April 2020 - 2 min read
No Contractors Allowed: Court Calls Condo Matter “Urgent”
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April 2020 - 8 min read
Tackling COVID-19 and Minimizing Risk: Considerations for Alberta Condominium Corporations
Real Estate Blog
March 2020
Convening a Condominium AGM Amid Concerns over COVID-19?
Real Estate Blog
December 2019
Cutting the Red Tape: New Condo Regulations coming to Alberta January 1, 2020
Real Estate Blog
July 2019
Cutting the Red Tape? New Condo Regulations are on Hold for Further Review
Real Estate Blog
July 2019
Legal Cannabis and Alberta Condominiums
Considerations for Creating Enforceable Bylaw Amendments
The federal government recently passed Bill C-45, an act that legalized personal consumption and cultivation of cannabis in small amounts. This new law, referred to as the Cannabis Act, came into effect on October 17, 2018. In combination with newly in...
October 2018
Recent Changes to the Condominium Property Act of Alberta
Real Estate Blog

Our experience is well illustrated through the clients we represent. Below please find a summary of some of our past and present clients:

  • A condominium developer in one of the first phased developments in Edmonton and in subsequent phased developments
  • A major developer of a bare land recreational condominium on the outskirts of Edmonton
  • Major condominium real estate developers with condominium projects in Edmonton, Calgary and other major Alberta centres
  • Numerous condominium corporations throughout the province of Alberta


What is a unit factor?


“Unit Factor” is a defined term in Alberta’s Condominium Property Act. It refers to the factor assigned to each unit in a particular corporation, out of 10,000 total units for each condominium corporation (regardless of how many units there are, the total number is the same – 10,000). They are usually apportioned based on the size of the unit (square footage) relative to the total square footage for all the units, but sometimes a developer may divide the unit factors equally between the units, or on some other basis. The unit factor determines a unit’s proportionate liability for condominium fee assessments and special levies, and also correlates with how much weight a vote for that unit will have for special resolutions (e.g. to change the bylaws) and ordinary resolutions in writing. To find out your unit factor, you can look on a copy of your condominium plan (registered with the Land Titles Office), or look on your certificate of title.


Is it possible to remove Board members?


In general, Board members are elected to one year terms that expire at each AGM. If owners want to remove members before the expiry of their term, they must usually petition for requisitioning a special general meeting for that purpose. This can be done by preparing a petition clearly stating the purpose of the meeting and obtaining signatures from unit owners who collectively represent at least 1,500 unit factors (15% of the corporation’s total 10,000). On receipt of such a petition, the current Board is required to convene a special general meeting within thirty (30) days. Alternatively, if your corporation is due for an AGM and you know that one will be convened soon, you could simply prepare for that by organizing other owners to nominate you or themselves for positions to the Board in order to force an election. A motion can also be made at the AGM for the removal of Board members whose terms are not expiring (e.g. if they were elected to serve a two year term and only one year has passed). Court action should (almost always) be a last resort, but it is possible to obtain a court order for this kind of issue in a timely fashion.


What happens if someone leaves the board and no residents are willing to join the board?


If all offices on the board were to become vacant for any reason, it is incumbent upon the last vacating board member to call a general meeting as soon as possible to elect a new board. If the last vacating board member is unable to do so, the property manager or corporation’s lawyer should call the meeting. If, at the meeting, there is no one willing to serve on the board, then an administrator must be appointed. Any owner can apply to court for the appointment of an administrator who can make decisions for the corporation. A condominium corporation must have a board of directors to act and speak on its behalf. Appointment of an administrator is a very costly step, that will ultimately be borne by all the owners whose collective unwillingness to serve on the board brought about that result.


Disclaimer: The above information is intended to provide commentary on frequently asked questions in this area of law and should not be interpreted as providing legal advice.  Please contact a group member before acting on any of the information.