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Facilitated by developments in technology, the media and entertainment industry continues to evolve at a startling pace.  Field Law’s multi-disciplinary team helps media and entertainment clients navigate the area where the industry overlaps with intellectual property law, privacy law and employer-employee relationships and brings a steady hand and trusted advice in this dynamic area of law. 

We can help you with your issues related to:

  • Defamation - Our lawyers provide trusted counsel to clients in handling online defamation and takedowns, including defamation litigation, seeking Norwich orders and pursuing remedies against publishers of defamatory communications.
  • Copyright - We handle all aspects of copyright infringement cases, including responding to copyright infringement allegations, ownership disputes, infringement takedowns, advising on the new notice-and-notice procedures and handling copyright registrations and litigation.
  • Social media - We provide advice on the development of social media policies, handling social media issues in the employment context, as well as social media issues related to copyright and trademarks.
  • Labour -  We have extensive experience assisting clients in radio and television broadcasting in a broad range of employment and labour relations matters, including grievance arbitration, Canada Industrial Relations Board matters, human rights complaints, accommodation claims,  harassment, sexual misconduct and other investigations, employment agreements, collective agreement interpretation and discipline and termination of employees. Our primary goal is to develop proactive and cost-effective strategies that enable you to maintain an effective workforce while also minimizing risk.
  • Privacy - We work with our clients to draft and review internal and external privacy policies, as well as corporate transactions involving contracts and other legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements, waivers, confidentiality agreements and releases.