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The law of defamation protects a person's reputation against false and unfair statements and comments which lower him or her in the eyes of the community and cause personal hurt and embarrassment. Because the law of defamation puts limits on what one can say or publish, it requires a sensitive balance between competing social principles - privacy, personal dignity and protection of reputation on the one hand and freedom of expression, freedom of the media and democracy on the other.

As a result defamation is a complex and technical area of the law, with new rules and new interpretations of old rules emerging annually. Yet, at its root, defamation is about making sure what is said or published about others is fair.

Field Law maintains an active defamation practice representing both publishers and claimants. We provide pre-publication advice and post-publication representation to all kinds of media. At the same time we assist individuals and organizations who find themselves the target of offensive statements and campaigns. Because we act for both publishers and claimants, we offer careful comprehensive advice and effective representation with a clear understanding of both the law and the practicalities of reputation.

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Our experience is well illustrated through the clients we represent. Below please find a summary of some of our past and present clients:

  • Individuals and corporations
  • Insurers
  • Political figures
  • Public bodies
  • Television and news agencies
  • Weekly newspapers