Cannabis in the Workplace
Cannabis in the Workplace
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Field Law develops tailored solutions for organizational, policy and other issues that impact your business and workforce following the legalization of cannabis. We understand how the federal and provincial laws may impact your business and can help you prepare for the impending changes that the legislation could have on your workforce and workplace safety. We offer training on how to deal effectively and legally with cannabis use by employees, whether off duty or on duty and whether medical or recreational, through our completely customizable workshops, seminars and lunch and learn sessions. We also provide contract and policy creation and review in order to ensure that you promote a fit for work culture and ensure safety in the workplace to the fullest extent.

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In addition to their already arduous obligations regarding workplace health and safety, employers must now add the hazards of cannabis in the workplace. Canada’s changing cannabis laws, along with existing legislation for medical use, make for a complicated legal landscape in the employment context. 

How do you fulfill human rights' obligations while still adhering to difficult and costly OHS obligations? We understand how the federal and provincial laws may affect your business and are available to help you understand these legal changes. We also provide advice on developing practical policies and procedures to meet the demands of the changing cannabis laws.

To learn more about how the cannabis legislation impacts your OHS policies, contact Steve Eichler.