Litigation for Regulators
Litigation for Regulators
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Litigation encompasses lawsuits against professional regulators, as well as appeals and applications for judicial review of regulatory matters in Court.

Field Law’s Professional Regulatory group focuses on “preventative lawyering” in order to avoid litigation wherever possible, but it does occur. In fact, lawsuits against regulators are increasingly being commenced by professionals in the midst of discipline processes in an apparent attempt to frustrate the regulator from carrying out its role.  

Field Law’s Professional Regulatory lawyers have experience with litigation involving regulators at all levels of Court. Our lawyers can provide strategic advice to minimize the risks and impacts of litigation, and to represent the professional regulatory organization throughout any legal proceedings.

If your regulatory organization has been named in a lawsuit or is involved in other Court proceedings it is important to respond quickly within the legislated timeframes.  

Contact us to discuss how we might assist your regulatory organization with litigation.