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Internet Law
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Anyone conducting business today is conducting it online in some way and as a result there are very few businesses that are free from the reach of Internet-related issues. This is an area where experience counts. Where do you turn if you are facing these Internet-related issues?

Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, patent agents and trademark agents brings a steady hand and trusted advice to business managers in a dynamic area of law that changes frequently.  Our lawyers take a cross-disciplinary approach to this complex area of law, with experience in litigation, contract drafting, business advice, regulatory issues, labour and employment, intellectual property, privacy, mergers and acquisitions. We can help you with:

  • Ecommerce - we have assisted clients with establishing enforceable electronic and e-commerce contracts for sales and shipping of products, from software integration to checkout to order fulfillment
  • Software development, licensing, cloud-based software, mobile apps and software-as-a-service (SaaS) - our team advises clients on support agreements, online license terms, web-based end-user license agreements, terms of service and escrow accounts
  • Buying and selling assets and shares of technology companies with Internet-based businesses, including due diligence and strategic advice related to subscription-based software and data
  • Social media law - we provide advice to bricks-and-mortar companies and non-traditional technology businesses and institutions on the development of social media policies, privacy policies, handling social media issues in the employment context, as well as social media issues related to copyright and trademarks
  • Online copyright infringement - we handle online copyright infringement cases, including responding to copyright infringement allegations, infringement takedowns, advising on the new notice-and-notice procedures and handling copyright registrations and litigation
  • Online defamation - our lawyers provide trusted counsel to clients in handling online defamation and takedowns, including defamation litigation, seeking Norwich orders and pursuing remedies against publishers of defamatory communications
  • Online contests and rules - we review and provide advice for online contests including social-media aspects of conducting contests online
  • Email legal issues - we advise clients on the legal aspects of email, from Canada’s Anti-Spam Laws (“CASL”), to employment issues, to contract formation and electronic discovery in the course of litigation
  • Internet-related inventions and software patent issues - our Intellectual Property team advises on patentability, validity and infringement analysis for Internet-related inventions
  • Estate planning for Internet-related assets such as digital media assets and accounts
  • Trademarks and domain names - Field Law’s team of lawyers and trademark agents advise our clients on online branding, domain name law, registrations, online trademark infringement, and protection for the use of trademarks online
May 13, 2021
Coffee + Counsel: How to Protect Your Business Against Phishing Attacks
Q+A Session
Join us for another edition of Coffee + Counsel, a complimentary series that brings you together with a few of our lawyers for an unscripted chat about legal issues pertinent to organizations in Alberta. Your questions guide the discussion, and we prov...
May 5, 2021
The Modernization of Canadian Privacy Law: Where Are We Heading?
Individuals and organizations, both large and small, are increasingly faced with challenging issues in the area of privacy and information handling. Bill C-11, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020, seeks to modernize Canadian privacy legis...
May 2020
Cybersecurity in the Age of COVID-19 (And Beyond)
November 2013
Tips and Trends in Online Contracting
The Medium
Wondering if your online contract will hold up? Here’s the good news: online contracts are enforceable in Canada. For a number of years the courts have shown that they will uphold online agreements in the same way as written paper agreements...
June 2013
Norwich Orders: You Can't Be Anonymous on the Internet After All
The Medium
It’s hard to start a lawsuit when you don’t know who you’re suing. What can potential claimants do when they have been wronged but lack the essential information necessary to start a lawsuit? The answer to this question came in ...
March 2013
Trademark Rights: Across the Border and On the Web
The Medium
Here are three concepts that are not new: trade­marks, borders and the internet. But the courts are still trying to work out how to handle the three when they collide, as they did in the case of, Inc. v. Hrdlicka. In this interest...