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Anton Piller Orders

We provide experienced legal representation and advice to public and private corporations, owner-operated businesses, partnerships, joint ventures and not-for-profit organizations operating in a wide variety of sectors and industries.

We have represented a wide variety of clients in all types of corporate and business disputes, including shareholder disputes, derivative actions, director liability, commercial real estate and leasing disputes, shareholder oppression, and related matters. In conjunction with our Business Law group, we offer a comprehensive range of services to clients ranging from small owner-operated ventures to multi-national corporations.

We recognize that every solution is different and what works for one client may not be the solution for another. While litigation is typically courtroom-based, we also find success with alternative methods such as mediation, arbitration and judicial dispute resolution. When necessary we also employ pre-trial remedies such as Anton Pillers (civil search warrants) and Norwich Orders (mechanism that compels a third party to preserve and provide evidence in its possession for use in litigation) to resolve a wide range of legal disputes. We are also available as an Independent Supervising Solicitor, working with third parties executing Anton Piller Orders, and have considerable experience in this role.

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Sometimes extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary remedies.

When granting an Anton Piller Order authorizing a private party to seize and preserve evidence that is at risk of being destroyed, a Court needs help ensuring that the rights and interests of all parties affected by the Order will be protected.

Field Law lawyers have acted as a Court-appointed Independent Supervising Solicitor (ISS) in respect of such Orders and are familiar with the unique issues that can arise in their enforcement and beyond.