Effective Concussion Treatments: Separating Fact From Fiction

On June 20 Field Law's Christine Pratt, KC will be joined by neuropsychologist Dr. Martin Mrazik and world-renowned researcher on concussion treatment, Dr. Kathryn Schneider for a complimentary webinar during which they will look into various concussion treatments and their efficacy and effectiveness for improving the functionality of a person suffering from various degrees of concussion.

Canada’s Capital Gains Rate Increase

The proposed capital gains inclusion rate increase, set to take effect on June 25, 2024, has generated controversy for taxpayers, especially business owners. This article outlines the ramifications of this tax change for private companies and their shareholders, including strategies like premature capital gains triggering, considerations for M+A transactions, corporate asset protection, tax planning for a shareholder's death, implications for individuals leaving Canada, and the impact on farm families.

2023 Community Fund Program

Over the last eleven years the Program has awarded funds to support 144 individuals, organizations and charitable initiatives throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories. With $75,000 awarded in 2023, we are excited to have donated $835,000 in support of these local projects to date.

Click here to view the 2023 recipients.