People, Pets + Parking: Balancing Reserve Funds + Repair Responsibilities

Join Erin Berney and John Gilbert for a complimentary webinar series designed for Condominium Boards and Managers based on the challenges seen most frequently: people, pets and parking. 

Our first session of 2024 will focus on the legal implications of not complying with reserve fund study requirements and the delineation of maintenance and repair responsibilities among unit owners, condo boards, and property managers.

Field Law Welcomes New Partners

We are delighted to announce the addition of new partners to the firm effective January 1, 2024. 

The integration of Kristin Yarish and Kim Precht as partners is a testament to Field Law's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, collegiality, and professional excellence. This expansion of our partnership enriches the firm with diverse perspectives and skills, directly benefiting our clients through enhanced legal services and innovative solutions. 


2023 Community Fund Program

Over the last eleven years the Program has awarded funds to support 144 individuals, organizations and charitable initiatives throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories. With $75,000 awarded in 2023, we are excited to have donated $835,000 in support of these local projects to date.

Click here to view this year's recipients.