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The complexity and uniqueness of the real estate market, especially in Alberta, requires a collaborative, goal-oriented approach to projects. At Field Law, we partner with you, your consultants and other team members to find practical and effective legal solutions that is tailored to your development project and your situation.

Having connections with various contact points within municipal government and with other consultants helps us efficiently navigate legal issues for the client and get their project approved and done. We represent the owners and managers of office buildings, retail developments, multi-use commercial complexes, industrial sites and residential developments. We have guided our clients to their goals in a wide variety of significant real estate projects in western Canada.

We assist our clients along each phase of their real estate development, including:

  • Initial conceptualizing of the project and identifying potential legal issues, and possible solutions
  • Identifying approvals that may be required and potential legal issues that may arise in seeking those approvals, and potential solutions
  • Analyzing ownership structures and finding structures that fit the client and the specific project
  • Analyzing financing alternatives and finding those that fit the client and the specific project
  • Assisting in the assembly of the required lands and sites, including negotiating and preparing key purchase agreements
  • Assisting in the process of obtaining approvals and key agreements with other affected parties
  • Assisting in the leasing up of the project (if applicable), including negotiating and preparing offers to lease, leases and related documents

Financing and leasing for a project in a regulated industry

Where we began: Our client, an international gaming and entertainment company, needed help to find a site for a project and then secure the legal rights for the site so that they could get regulatory approvals, secure financing for the construction of the project and negotiate a complicated lease with the landowner.

Our approach: There were a number of issues to address relating to the financing of the project and adding another credit facility to existing loans. An added complication was the inter-play between the lessor and the lender given that the land on which the Project was constructed was leased rather than owned.

The result: We worked with the client to help them secure the financing required to complete the construction of the project and negotiated a long-term lease that was structured to secure the Project financing. The ownership structure of the Project was a critical piece in increasing the chances of getting regulatory approval. The project was approved and construction is now well under way, on time and within budget, resulting in what we hope to be a profitable and long-standing business.