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Public Sector
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Field Law lawyers represent clients on a wide range of litigation matters involving all levels of government and bureaucracy.

Our lawyers have a long history of working with Government and Public Sector clients on mass plaintiff and complex litigation. We combine an understanding of government operations with expertise in many areas of public law, including constitutional challenges, judicial review applications, class actions, and appeals.

Field Law’s multidisciplinary team is committed to professional excellence and is keenly aware of local, regional and national interests and sensitivities. They are likewise committed to assisting client objectives. Their knowledge and experience in this area brings the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively structure and organize legal resources that reflect both value and innovation. In servicing the litigation needs of government and public sector clients, Field Law also enlists a wide variety of fee structures and innovative partnering.

The scope of our lawyers’ experience includes

  • Advisory and litigation counsel to all governments with standing at the provincial, territorial, and national level
  • Counsel for law enforcement organizations, boards, universities, hospitals and charitable foundations
  • Counsel to individuals or corporate entities challenging legislation, navigating the regulatory processes and/or reviewing government decisions
  • Litigation on behalf of individuals, organizations and the Crown in Public Law matters
  • Representing Crown corporations or federal government employees on labour arbitrations

Notable experience

  • Edmonton Remand Centre Charter challenge - a multifaceted legal proceeding 
  • Challenge to Alberta’s “Sunshine disclosure” law (seeking of injunctive relief) 
  • The “Elders” class action - a large complex action in the health law area involving extensive collaboration with co-defendant counsel. This case involved questions of a novel duty of care owed by government institutions as well as the application of section 15 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms to government funding.