Police Services
Police Services
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Modern police services operate in a constantly evolving social, political, and legal environment and face evolving legal needs and challenges as a result.

The lawyers in our group constantly monitor new developments in policing and police law so that we can provide advice that anticipates and avoids legal problems. Field Law services include:

  • Representing chiefs of police and sworn members in LERB proceedings;
  • Defending civil claims brought against police services and their members;
  • Court applications for third-party records held by police services;
  • Representing police services before provincial boards of inquiry;
  • Preparing and reviewing internal policies and procedures;
  • Representing police management in the context of labour disputes; and,
  • Interpreting and providing advice on federal and provincial legislation that affects policing.

Field Law has represented major municipal police services before all levels of Court, as well as LERB panels and human rights tribunals. We also keep our clients proactively informed of developments in the area of police law and through individualized seminars and presentations that are tailored to address specific problems and requests.

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