Residential Conveyancing
Residential Conveyancing
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Buying or selling a home can be the single largest transaction in an individual's life and should be handled by an experienced team of lawyers and paralegals. Working with the residential conveyancing team at Field Law, you get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your purchase will be completed in an efficient, practical and cost-effective way.

We work with homebuilders, buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers, estates, corporations, partnerships, realtors and mortgage brokers to complete residential property transactions for all forms of property including single family homes, condominiums, modular/mobile homes, agricultural properties and land transfers.

We assist our clients in sales, purchases, mortgages, refinancing, real estate purchase contracts, co-ownership agreements, title transfers and residential leases.

Our goal is to provide our clients with efficient, responsive and cost-effective legal services. With paralegals averaging over 15 years of professional real estate experience and our use of up-to-date technology you can feel comfortable that your transaction will be completed on time.

To discuss how we can assist you with your residential real estate legal needs from start to finish please contact us.