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Cannabis organizations require rapid, client-focused advice to help set-up, staff and capitalize on the business opportunities presented by the legalization of cannabis. Since Bill C-45 was first tabled, Field Law has been involved in readying organizations for compliance and positioning them for success. Combining industry knowledge with deep experience in business, employment and intellectual property law, we are here to help you grow your business and succeed in this budding field.

Field Law helps with:

What we offer:


Raising capital

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Setting up your corporate structure

  • Business structure, partnerships, join ventures
  • Tax and succession planning
  • Unanimous Shareholder Agreements
  • Corporate Governance
  • Distribution agreements
  • Streaming agreements
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Acquiring the necessary licenses

  • Licenced producer applications
  • Craft cultivation applications
  • Retail store applications
  • AGLC compliance
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Protecting your brand

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Real estate

  • Commercial leasing
  • Large scale commercial development
  • Agricultural land purchases
  • Development permits
  • Planning law
  • Zoning applications 
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Human resources

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Raising Capital

Raising money is a demanding and necessary requirement for a growing cannabis business. Whether it is preparing for your initial public offering (IPO) on a Canadian stock exchange, or raising cash to build out your production facility, Field Law provides timely client-focused advice to help clients capitalize on their budding business opportunities. We regularly advise bidders and target companies (including boards of directors and special committees) on how to best navigate complex merger and acquisition transactions. We assist clients in choosing appropriate financing techniques, negotiating commercial terms and designing and structuring transactions that meet specific business needs. We will work collaboratively with your external service providers to ensure that your tax and accounting needs are met.

Setting up your Corporate Structure

Setting up your corporate structure in an efficient and effective manner now can save you money in the future. Whether it is drafting a joint venture or streaming agreement or setting up your organization to allow for efficient tax planning, it is important to have business-oriented experienced lawyers that will collaborate with you to develop and execute on your growth business strategy.


Obtaining a license to grow or a license to sell is a critical moment in any cannabis business. Our team has experience navigating the Cannabis Act regulations and application guidelines to help you obtain your cannabis license. We work to help you succeeded in your application within the fastest possible timeline and provide services with respect to:

  • Cultivation licenses (standard and micro-cultivation)
  • Nursery licenses
  • Processing licenses (standard and micro-processing)
  • Cannabis sale for medical purposes
  • Retail cannabis licences

Protecting your Brand

New legislation often leads to innovation in the marketplace, so a practical, cost-effective intellectual property (IP) strategy is crucial to achieving the goals of your business. It is important to have experienced lawyers that will collaborate with you to develop and implement your strategy, through the registration of IP rights, commercialization, enforcement, and protection of your IP in the jurisdictions where you need it. 

Field Law is ready to help navigate the challenging aspects of cannabis law as it applies to Intellectual Property + Technology.

Real Estate

The complexity and uniqueness of the real estate market, especially in Alberta, requires a collaborative, goal-oriented approach to projects. With various options available such as direct ownership, co-ownership and partnerships there is a lot to consider when it comes to structuring the ownership of your cannabis store or manufacturing facility.

A development permit is required for all new cannabis stores. When a permit is refused, the decision can be appealed in front of the Subdivision Development and Appeal Board (Appeal Board). While the process is designed to be simpler than appearing before a court of law, it is worth investing in working with a lawyer who understands the zoning and bylaw requirements and can represent your best interests before the Appeal Board. The team at Field Law works with a number of cannabis retailers and licensed producers in Alberta to assist with their development permit, zoning, and planning law needs.

The team at Field overturned a refusal of a cannabis store development permit in front of the Appeal Board. In doing so, they were able to get a relaxation of approximately 45m of the Land Use Bylaw’s required 300m separation distance between cannabis stores. In addition, our cannabis team has successfully defended the appeal of an approved cannabis store permit.

Human Resources

Field Law develops tailored solutions for organizational, policy and other issues that impact your business and workforce following the legalization of cannabis. We understand how the federal and provincial laws may impact your business and can help you prepare for the impending changes that the legislation could have on your workforce and workplace safety. We offer training on how to deal effectively and legally with cannabis use by employees, whether off duty or on duty and whether medical or recreational, through our completely customizable workshops, seminars and lunch and learn sessions. We also provide contract and policy creation and review in order to ensure that you promote a fit for work culture and ensure safety in the workplace to the fullest extent.

September 2020 - 3 min read
Update: Medical Cannabis + the Duty to Accommodate
Keeping Up With Cannabis
The Newfoundland Court of Appeal recently handed down a decision that appears to inject uncertainty into employers’ attempts to accommodate workers in safety-sensitive positions who consume medical cannabis. While the case was decided in Newfound...
July 2020 - 4 min read
COVID-19 and the Impact on the Cannabis Industry
Keeping Up With Cannabis
Cannabis retail outlets, producers, manufacturers, distributors and warehouses were deemed to be essential services by the Alberta Government on March 30, 2020. As a result, cannabis businesses and services can and have continued to serve Albertans thr...
February 10, 2020
Human Rights Obligations Following a Positive Drug Test
Keeping Up With Cannabis
In Maude v NOV Enerflow ULC, 2019 AHRC 54, the Human Rights Tribunal of Alberta provided some helpful reminders to employers on the intersection of drug test results and human rights.      In March, 2016, Mr. Maude tested non-n...
January 2020
Legalized Cannabis Spurs Rush to the Canadian Patent Office
Keeping Up with Cannabis
Canada’s legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes, in October of 2018, spurred a significant increase in Canadian patent application filings for a wide variety of cannabis-related technologies.Searches conducted on the Canadian Patent D...
November 2019
Buzz Kill: Cannabis Branding + Packaging Restrictions in Canada
Keeping Up With Cannabis
In the excitement of Canadian cannabis legalization, many overlooked that cannabis legislation is in fact focused on controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis in Canada to achieve three objectives: Protect young pers...
November 21, 2019
Cannabis Potpourri: One Year of Legal Cannabis in Canada Webinar
Possession and use of cannabis has now been legal in Canada for one year and edibles became legal on October 17, 2019. What has the year looked like and what new considerations do edibles add to the mix?Presented by Christin Elawny and&n...
November 20, 2019
Edible Cannabis in the Workplace
It has been over a year since Canada legalized cannabis.  Although individuals could make cannabis food and drink for personal use under the legislation, such products were initially not able to be produced or sold commercially.  As of Octobe...
October 16, 2019
Update on Edibles: Legal Tomorrow!
Keeping Up With Cannabis
Almost 5 million Canadians reported using Cannabis in the second quarter of 2019. For those Canadians, partaking in Canada’s legal cannabis market is about to become much sweeter… Update The Federal Government’s Cannabis Ac...
August 2019
Craft Cannabis: Micro-Cultivation + Micro-Processing Licences
Craft cannabis is hitting the market as newly licensed craft producers are coming into operation. With the introduction of the new regulations under the Cannabis Act, the federal government created micro-cultivation licences, often referred t...
July 2019
Legal Cannabis and Alberta Condominiums
Considerations for Creating Enforceable Bylaw Amendments
The federal government recently passed Bill C-45, an act that legalized personal consumption and cultivation of cannabis in small amounts. This new law, referred to as the Cannabis Act, came into effect on October 17, 2018. In combination with newly in...
April 2019
Edibles Update: High Taxes in 2019 Federal Budget
Canada's 2019 federal budget (the "Budget") includes additional insight into the hotly anticipated regulatory regime for cannabis edibles, which is set to come into force in the fall of 2019. The Budget provides for a change to the curren...
February 2019
Roll It Up! Rules + Regulations for Building Your Cannabis Store
Keeping Up With Cannabis
Opening a cannabis store in Alberta requires a large number of steps, including obtaining approval from the Alberta Liquor Gaming and Cannabis Commission (AGLC). The Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, RSA 2000, c G-1 (Act) has provided the AGLC with the ...
February 14, 2019
The Type of Claims that may Arise from Legalization of Cannabis Edibles
Canadian Underwriter
Erika Carrasco speaks to Canadian Underwriter about cannabis coverage issues.
February 6, 2019
2018 Year in Review for Northern Employers
Join Field Law for a review of the most important legal cases from 2018. Topics covered will include: Labour Employment Human Rights Occupational Health + Safety Privacy Immigration Cannabis This seminar will be broadcast live via ...
January 23, 2019
Impact of Cannabis on the Insurance Industry
With the legalization of recreational cannabis and regulations for edibles soon to come, Field Law's Cannabis Group has the knowledge and experience to help clients, including those in the insurance industry, understand how cannabis laws impact the...
October 3 + 10, 2018
Cannabis in the Workplace: Implications for Employers
Recreational cannabis will be legal in Canada on October 17, 2018. Join Field Law’s Labour and Employment Group for a detailed, scenario-based half-day workshop providing practical advice and useful tips to prepare your organization for situat...
September 2018
Edible Cannabis: What You Need to Know
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
With the Cannabis Act set to legalize most forms of recreational cannabis in just a few short weeks, many consumers and businesses alike may require further clarity on the limited scope of legalization.Unlike the fresh, dried and oil options, edible ca...
September 2018
Keep Off the Grass! Cannabis in Calgary: Zoning and Public Use
Anticipation of cannabis legalization is all the buzz right now as federal, provincial and municipal legislation is coming together to paint a practical picture of cannabis regulation – all by October 17, 2018. This blog post examines aspects of ...
July 2018
Cannabis Complicates Crossing the Border
Workwise Newsletter
The legalization of cannabis in Canada poses a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses. It is estimated that the recreational cannabis market in Canada may generate approximately $23 billion in annual revenue, creating jobs and ...
June 2018
Standing Out: Branding and Trademark Issues for Cannabis Companies
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
With the anticipation surrounding the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada, it comes as no surprise that companies have been quick to take advantage of this budding industry. More than 70 corporations have been issued licenses from Health Canada...
July 2018
Legal Cannabis: Coming to Canada on October 17, 2018
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
On June 20, 2018, the federal government announced that Canadians will be able to possess and consume cannabis recreationally under the Cannabis Act as of October 17, 2018. Until that date, cannabis possession and consumption remains illegal, other tha...
June 2018
Calgary’s Cannabis Consumption Bylaws: What You Need to Know
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
In anticipation of the legalization of recreational cannabis in just a few months, Calgary’s City Council has taken steps to limit cannabis use in public. On April 5, 2018, City Councillors approved the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw 24M2018 (the &ld...
June 5, 2018
Cannabis in the Workplace - Implications for Northern Employers
What Northern Employers Need to Know About Cannabis in the Workplace Join Field Law’s Labour and Employment Group for a detailed, scenario-based half-day workshop providing practical advice and useful tips to prepare your organization for situ...
May 2018
Cannabis Retailers and the Layers of Regulation Impacting Sale
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
You're about to see some new businesses opening up around town: cannabis retail businesses. The Province is expected to issue approximately 250 cannabis retail licenses to businesses in anticipation of the upcoming legalization of recreational cann...
May 2018
Good News for Employers: No Unfettered Right to Use Cannabis at Work  
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
As the cloud of recreational cannabis legalization looms on the horizon, employers will face difficult situations pertaining to cannabis and the workplace. It is important to remember that just because recreational cannabis will be legal, and medically...
April 2018
Cannabis Regulation in Canada’s Territories
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
Canada's plans for cannabis legalization are slowly rolling into focus. While many of the details of the regulatory framework are still under review, it is clear that the approach to regulation taken by the Provinces and Territories is mixed and di...
April 19, 2018
Weed at Work: Preparing for the Upcoming Legalization of Cannabis in Canada
Join Trojan Safety, SIX Safety Systems and Field Law for a detailed half-day seminar providing practical advice and useful tips to prepare your organization for situations involving cannabis in the workplace. During this comprehensive half-day semin...
March 2018
Cannabis in the Workplace: A Few Things Employers Might Get a Taste of
Countdown to Cannabis Legislation
At this point, employers in Alberta are acutely aware that cannabis or marijuana is about to become a legal substance. However, they might not yet have a full understanding of how this legalization will impact them, their employees or their workplace. ...
October 2017
Legalized Recreational Marijuana in Alberta - Is Your Workplace Prepared?
The Advisor
On April 13, 2017, the federal government tabled two new cannabis-related bills before Parliament, Bill C-45: An Act respecting cannabis and to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and other Acts and Bill C-46: An Act to ame...
  • Assisted an Alberta based cannabis producer with the private placement of $4.5 million worth of securities
  • Assisted an Alberta based cannabis producer with the private placement of $1.5 million worth of securities in Canada and the U.S.
  • Obtained a cannabis cultivation and export licence for an Alberta based producer
  • Assisted an industrial hemp business with the purchase of agricultural lands
  • Assisted a national cannabis retailer with lease negotiations in Edmonton
  • Assisted a national cannabis retailer with lease negotiations in Calgary and surrounding communities
  • Assisted an Alberta based cannabis retailer with the acquisition of a retail cannabis store
  • Assisted an Alberta based cannabis producer with preparing a trademark application
  • Successfully overturned the refusal of a cannabis store development permit in the City of Calgary
  • Successfully defended the appeal of a cannabis store development permit in the City of Calgary
  • Provided advice on regulatory compliance to various cannabis related business, including cannabis accessory and cannabis tourism businesses
  • Assisted cannabis businesses with immigration requirements in Canada and the U.S.
  • Cannabis Retailer before Calgary Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, 2018 CGYSDAB 143