Why Field Law?

Firm Culture

Field Law has a strong history dating back to 1915.  Consequently, our firm values are a significant part of who we are and we work to strengthen those values by hiring individuals with integrity, commitment, intelligence and passion.

Individuals who have come and gone from Field always refer to our firm as another family.  We strive to take care of our employees and encourage our employees to take care of themselves through our comprehensive benefits plan and our extended health benefits plan.


Field Law is one of western and northern Canada’s premier law firms, with a reputation for outstanding client service and high ethical standards. We represent a large and diverse group of clients through our team of over 135 lawyers and more than 200 staff in four offices: Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton and Yellowknife.

Through dealing with a broad spectrum of legal issues, we offer our articling students hands-on exposure to a variety of legal work and practice styles.

The Four Pillars

Professional Excellence

Commitment to professional excellence is a core value of Field Law. The firm is driven by a passion for the law and all it stands for. Our articling and summer students have the opportunity to be a part of Field Law’s legacy of judges, benchers, politicians, professors and lawyers.


Relationships both within and outside the firm should be collaborative and collegial. This is reflected in the relationships we have with our articling and summer students. Our structured summer and articling programs allow us to work in close partnership with our students to assist them in developing diverse skills and a multi-faceted career.

Right-Sized Approach 

With a team of over 120 lawyers in Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton and Yellowknife, we are big enough to invest in the people, processes and technology necessary to provide some of the best legal services but not so large that we’ve forgotten the importance of building one-to-one relationships.

As part of this approach, we hire only as many articling or summer students as we hope to keep on in the future. This helps foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, rather than fierce competition.

Articling students have the opportunity to gain a wide breadth of legal experience, while maintaining close and personal interaction with lawyers of all experience levels and practice areas.


We bring clarity to complex legal challenges—applying creative pragmatism, intelligence and innovation to the diverse needs of our clients. Our goal is to apply the law to our clients’ legal matters and organizational challenges in a straightforward manner, and we challenge our articling and summer students to develop the skills so that they can do the same.