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The complexity and uniqueness of the commercial and residential real estate markets, especially in Alberta, require a collaborative, goal-oriented approach to projects. At Field Law, we partner with you to find practical and effective legal solutions for your entire project or any phase of it.

For more than 100 years, lawyers at Field Law have been providing strategic advice and counsel to many of the country’s largest real estate developers, investors, lenders, owners and managers. As a recognized market leader with 13 lawyers and five paralegal staff and a long history and intimate knowledge of this constantly evolving area of law, we have guided our clients to their goals in a wide variety of significant real estate projects in western Canada.

Field Law demonstrates our commitment to you by:

  • Understanding your business and goals
  • Giving your clear advice, because clarity matters
  • Providing you with creative, practical solutions to your business challenges
  • Moving at deal speed
  • Hosting extranets (virtual deal rooms) so all deal/project parties can quickly, easily and securely access deal/project documents 24/7/365
  • Integrating legal process improvement (LPI) initiatives into our workflow
  • Using leading edge communications and productivity technology
  • Being cost-conscious and cost-effective. We’re innovative and flexible on fee matters, and welcome alternate fee arrangements (AFAs)
  • Adding more value to the relationship through publications, seminars and client events
  • Collaborating with you to provide clear client-oriented solutions.

Our goal is get you to project completion in an efficient, practical and cost-effective way. We pride ourselves on the clarity and practical nature of our advice and services.

Malmberg v Boyd , 2020 ABQB 326
Malmberg v Boyd , 2020 ABQB 80
Alvas v Barrett, 2018 ABQB 651
Toronto-Dominion Bank v. Suitel Canada Executive Suites Corporation, 2012 ABQB 699
April 30, 2021
People, Pets + Parking: Pandemic Problems - Part 1
Q+A Session
Join Erin Berney and Niall Burke for a complimentary new webinar series designed for Property Managers based on the challenges seen most frequently: people, pets and parking. Have a legal question? Want to learn what other issues are plaguing property ...
March 24, 2021
Navigating the Legal Landscape of Condo Insurance
Presented by The Insurance Institute
Condo Insurance is complex and can cause headaches for brokers, adjusters, underwriters, condo boards and property managers. Learn how to navigate through the legal landscape of condominium insurance. Join Erin Berney as she presents this virtual ...
February 2021 - 7 min read
Understanding Board Member Duties: When Condo Boards Fail
Real Estate Blog
January 2021
Field Law Announces Five New Partners
The Firm welcomes Anthony Burden, Jason Kully, Lisa Statt Foy, Britt Tetz, and Matthew Turzansky to its partnership.Field Law is pleased to welcome Anthony Burden, Jason Kully, Lisa Statt Foy, Britt Tetz, and Matthew Turzansky as partners of the Firm. ...
November 2020
The Importance of Notice
Real Estate Blog
November 2020
Amending Bylaws by Ordinary Resolution: When is a Conflict a Conflict?
Real Estate Blog
October 30, 2020
How to Purchase a Foreclosure
Mogul Mastermind
October 30, 2020
Creative Real Estate Deals & AFS Strategies
Mogul Mastermind
October 2020 - 4 min read
UPDATE – Ministerial Order 009/2020 Expired: Condos Once More Required to Convene AGMs
Real Estate Blog
September 16, 2020
Privacy for Condo Corporations: Understanding + Complying with PIPA
Condominiums in Alberta are defined as organizations which are subject to the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). This means that condo corporations must develop and adhere to policies and practices that comply with PIPA whe...
August 2020
The Best Lawyers™ in Canada 2021
38 Fielders Recognized
Field Law is pleased to announce that 38 of our lawyers are recognized in their respective practice areas in the 15th edition of The Best Lawyers™ in Canada. Recognition in Best Lawyers™ is based on peer reviews of ...
July 2020 - 38 mins
Is Your Condo Safe + Secure?
CCI Webinar
June 2020 - 6 min read
Commercial Tenancies Protection Act (Alberta)   
The Alberta government is moving forward with Bill 23, the Commercial Tenancies Protection Act (“CTPA”). The Bill was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on June 16, 2020 and passed First Reading the same day. This is a government Bill,...
June 10, 2020
Condominium Quicksand
Edmonton Real Estate Investors Assoc- ZOOM Series
June 5, 2020
Residential Investment Webinar
Presented by Equitus LLP
June 2020
Condo Corporations Now Permitted to Access Reserve Funds in “Emergencies”
Real Estate Blog
March 2020
Landlords: How do you Spell (Rent) Relief?
Alberta is now in its fifth year of a depressed economy, and the misery has recently been significantly worsened by the double blows of a severe drop in oil prices and a pandemic. Many Alberta businesses and non-profit organizations are suffering, and ...
February 2020
Regulation of Short-Term Rentals Still To Be Decided
Real Estate Blog
December 2019
Cutting the Red Tape: New Condo Regulations coming to Alberta January 1, 2020
Real Estate Blog
August 2019
City Moves to License AirBnBs and Other Short-Term Rentals
Field Law Blog
July 2019
Cutting the Red Tape? New Condo Regulations are on Hold for Further Review
Real Estate Blog
May 2019
Use of Restrictive Covenants in Residential Developments
Restrictive covenants operate outside of – and in addition to – municipal zoning bylaws. The obligations associated with restrictive covenants “run with the land” and are binding on any future buyer of the property.Historically,...
May 2019
Is Time Really of the Essence?
The Use of "Time is of the Essence" Clauses in Commercial Real Estate Repurchase Options The ONCA provided some guidance and analysis on both “time is of the essence” clauses as well as the availability of specific performance ...
October 2018
Recent Changes to the Condominium Property Act of Alberta
Real Estate Blog
January 2018
Field Law Announces Two Partners
Firm Welcomes Malkit Atwal and Sharon Roberts to its Partnership
EDMONTON – Field Law is pleased to introduce Malkit Atwal and Sharon Roberts as partners of the Firm. The addition of Malkit and Sharon to Field’s partnership is an emblem of the Firm’s growth in 2017, and its continued expansion and ...
June 2013
Renewal Options in a Lease: Tips and Traps for Landlords and Tenants
Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, one of the crucial terms to consider when negotiating a lease is the renewal clause. The renewal clause grants the tenant an option, or several consecutive options, to renew the lease for a set term or sever...

Being an advocate and a driver for a big real estate development

Our client: A real estate developer with a set of agreements involving the city government and other developers regarding the financing of infrastructure for a project.
Where we began: According to Rick Pabst, "the city authority is often changing the financing model in order to get developers to pay more. So, there were several novel agreements to negotiate and put in place, relating to financing sewers, water and other public works. We needed to help our client work through three or four major agreements…sorting out when and who was responsible for what."
Our approach: Rick negotiated and documented agreements to secure payments from one developer to another and to provide temporary access. "These were contentious negotiations…not public until the end. Developers are competitive, and I have a sophisticated client. I negotiated the main points initially and then again during drafting."
The result: The parties reached agreement, and the agreements were put in place. "The agreements worked well, and the infrastructure construction has begun. They are now looking at zoning and subdivision permissions." Rick notes that a lot of what drives a deal involves financial or engineering issues. "I'm comfortable with other consultants and able to see their perspectives and issues. I can step back and avoid getting overly focused on the legal."

Helping a client keep their business running despite Calgary's 2013 Flood

In June 2013, Calgary had a significant flood, with five deaths, 100,000 people displaced and $5 billion in damages. Downtown Calgary was closed off to the public, seriously disrupting work and life for the region's 1.1 million residents. Meanwhile, a client of Kevin Schouten, ­ a residential builder, ­was ready to close on over 25 deals. This client had customers who wanted to move into their homes, and the client demanded a plan to handle these closings. Kevin quickly came up with a solution. In about an hour, he and four paralegals set up a temporary, fully functioning remote office, with all of the files, faxing and computer capacity he and his client needed. "For five days, we didn't miss a single closing. It was business as usual for us. My client said, 'That's when we knew we had a partner."