What is the culture like at Field Law?

Field Law is full of passionate and hardworking professionals. We love the law, and we also know the importance of family and giving back to the community. We are dedicated to providing clear, creative and intelligent solutions for our clients.

Investing heavily in our students and associates, we strongly emphasize an environment of collaboration and teamwork.

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How is the articling program structured at Field Law? 

Field Law has a structured rotation system; articling students spend six months doing a broad variety of litigation work, and another six months exploring the diversity of solicitors’ work. To make sure that our students have access to hands-on training and feedback in both rotations, we assign them both a litigation and a solicitor Principal.

What kind of training + development is available for students? 

We take a multi-faceted approach to training and development for both articling and summer students. In addition to formal training sessions, like our initial orientation covering everything from legal research to finding your way around the courthouse and our regular legal education seminars, there is no shortage of opportunities to get actual hands-on experience.

We also have a structured evaluation process, providing students with regular feedback on their strengths as well as their areas for growth.

How many articling students do you typically hire? 

The number of articling students we hire varies slightly from year to year. The primary factor in determining how many students we take on is whether there will be room to take on these students as associates following completion of their articling year. We usually hire two articling students in our Calgary office and four students in our Edmonton office.

How many summer students do you typically hire? 

Generally, we hire two summer students for Calgary, and one to two in Edmonton.

Who takes care of student recruitment + training at Field Law? 

Dawn Filippi is our Director of Professional Recruitment and Development and she guides our Student Committees whose members include:



How is Field Law's summer student program different than other firms' programs?

A summer student position isn’t just a job; it’s the start of your legal career. We believe that a summer program should give students a chance to find out what everyday life is like at a law firm. Obviously a big part of that is legal work, and our summer students get plenty of hands-on legal experience across a wide range of practice areas.

Equally important, though, is a chance to learn about all the other things related to the business and practice of law—so we include our summer students in training sessions, professional development seminars and practice group meetings.

Last, but certainly not least, we want our summer students to find out what it’s like to work in a collaborative and collegial atmosphere, so they are invited to attend all our social activities, ranging from informal lunches to organized firm social events including client functions.

Does Field Law recommend I take certain courses in my upper years of law school?

No. We have found that the mandatory courses required by Canadian law schools will give you a solid foundation of legal knowledge. Over and above these required courses, Field Law does not have a list of recommended courses.

Does Field Law accept applications from international students? 

Yes. We accept applications from international students both for summer student and articling student positions. To be considered for an articling position, in addition to the usual application materials, we require a Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee on Accreditation.

What salary + benefits do you offer articling students and summer students? 

We offer competitive salary and benefits to both articling and summer students. For more details, visit our Articling Students page or our Summer Students page.

How many lawyers are employed by Field Law? 

Between our offices in Canmore, Calgary, Edmonton, and Yellowknife, Field Law employs over 120 lawyers and about 160 staff and students.

Can I reach out to your current articling students to find out more about Field Law? 

Absolutely! Many of our current students have also summered with us, so they will be able to give you some insights on both the summer and the articling program at Field Law. Our 2023/24 articling students are:

Elisa Carbonaro

Ben Civil, Jordan Lalonde, Aidan Nicholson

Dawn Filippi
Director of Professional Recruitment and Development