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Field Law has extensive experience in banking and financial services law, representing a wide-range of clients including banks, trust companies, credit unions, mortgage corporations, equipment financiers, government lending institutions and individual and corporate borrowers. We assist these clients in domestic, national, international, corporate and commercial transactions involving small dollar amounts to large and very complex financial dealings. We also provide advice to several institutions, including pension fund companies, in the area of investment law.

Our broad experience in the banking industry enables us to consistently provide our clients with creative and innovative solutions to specific financial problems. We assist clients in choosing appropriate financing techniques, negotiating terms and in designing financial products that meet specific business, tax and accounting needs.

Field Law offers a full range of banking and financial law services, including:

  • Negotiation, preparation and registration of security
  • Foreclosures and collections
  • Security realization
  • Negotiation and finalization of loan agreements
  • Regulatory compliance matters
  • Financing agreements for development projects
  • Commercial banking and insolvency litigation
  • Commercial security agreements
  • Security enforcement matters
  • Loan restructuring
  • Reorganizations and work-outs
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency and receivership
  • Training seminars for bank managers and loan officers
Graham Group Ltd v. Leitch Construction Inc, 2017 ABCA 321