External Reviews of Professional Regulators
External Reviews of Professional Regulators
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Regulated professions are facing increasing public scrutiny.  The public may question whether regulators are fulfilling their mandates to protect the public interest or whether they are capable of doing so.  Where the public loses confidence in a professional regulatory organization’s ability to carry out its mandate the consequences for the profession can be catastrophic.  

Field Law’s Professional Regulatory lawyers have experience conducting external reviews of professional regulators. This is a rigorous assessment of the processes and functions of a regulatory organization.  

An external review can be conducted on all of a regulator’s processes and functions, or alternatively a targeted process can be used to assess select regulatory functions, such as registration or discipline for example.  An external review is intended to identify what is working well, what is not working well, where there may be inefficiencies that could be improved and where there are risks that may give rise to a successful legal challenge.  

Field Law can provide recommendations for the regulator to consider adopting.  

Contact us to discuss whether an external review might assist your regulatory organization.