Articling Students


The articling process at Field Law is designed to be exciting, challenging, interactive and rewarding, with an emphasis on education and professional development. Our firm’s top priority for lawyers and articling students alike is quality work and ethical practice. We are dedicated to preparing articling students for the practice and business of law.

As an articling student at Field Law, you will be ushered through the transition from “law school” problem solving to problem solving with clients. You will learn how to translate legal research and analysis into clear and effective solutions for clients. You will also learn that success is about more than your knowledge of the law—it requires mastery of the essential elements of good legal practice, which includes the effective organization and presentation of opinions and ideas along with the development of other practical skills like drafting, advocacy and practice management.

Significant time and resources are invested in developing articling students and associates into respected and capable members of the Bar. As a result, articling students at Field Law are expected to take their work seriously and to excel. However, this hard work is not something that should come at the expense of all other facets of an articling student’s life. The ability to maintain a vital family, social, and community life is the key to a collegial workplace and longevity within the profession.

Articling students at our firm are actively included in firm meetings and events, and in all respects are treated as vital members of the Field Law team. Students are hired with a view to their ultimately becoming candidates for partnership, a philosophy that is reflected in our high student retention rates.


Salary is set at the start of each articling year and is commensurate with market rates. In addition to salary, benefits include:

  • Employer-paid extended health, dental, and employee and family assistance plan
  • Employee-paid long term disability, accidental death and dismemberment, life and dependent life insurance
  • Two weeks paid vacation

Field Law also pays all fees associated with articling, including:

  • Law Society Student Admission fees
  • CPLED course materials and fees
  • Student’s salary during CPLED

Deadlines and Regulations

We will be hiring one articling student in the Edmonton office for the 2025/26 articling year.

We will be accepting applications starting on May 13, 2024 for this position through the viLawPortal. Applications close on May 21, 2024.

Applications must include a resumé, cover letter, NCA certificate (if applicable) and all post-secondary transcripts. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Reference letters may be included, but are not required.

Candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted after the application deadline has passed, with interviews scheduled during the week of June 3, 2024 as set by the Law Society of Alberta.

When your application is ready, please submit using the viLawPortal.

Need more information? Please contact Dawn Filippi, Director of Professional Recruitment and Development.

Dawn Filippi
Director of Professional Recruitment and Development