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Throughout our long, deep and innovative history of over 100 years as a firm, and over 25 years in the north our dedicated and diverse law firm has been providing a broad range of strategic advice and direction on regulatory, administrative, environment, labour and employment, governance, corporate, energy issues and more in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut  and Alberta.

Our Indigenous Group has diverse experience and has provided extensive advice and services to governing bodies, people, businesses and Indigenous Peoples. We have and continue to represent First Nation groups in the Northwest Territories and Northern Alberta. These representations include work for settled land claimant corporations and additionally work in unsettled areas. We have been specifically involved in negotiations with industry on behalf of First Nation groups, and in particular, with respect to resource development, we have negotiated numerous impact and benefits types of agreements.

We have assisted with the legal intricacies of Treaty Nations in other jurisdictions and know that the work in NWT is unique in Canada.  We feel that we understand the culture and history that make NWT unique.  We understand that promoting and protecting a peaceful and consensus-driven society through the administration and integration of governing bodies which respects the role of community members and maintaining harmony, and which adheres to principles and values that are part of First Nation knowledge and culture is one of the main priorities in any dealing with any development in and around traditional lands.

In addition to this, Field is one of leading firms in the representation of person’s with Indian Residential School Claims; members of the firm have travelled to most parts of the NWT and Alberta meeting with clients and developing relationships with local Indigenous administrations. We have provided extensive governance advice and services to First Nation communities in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut in particular, our group has provided corporate and commercial legal services to First Nation and other Aboriginal closely held corporations with a focus on business development.

Bertrand v. Acho Dene Koe First Nation, 2021 FC 287