Self-Driving + Autonomous Vehicles
Self-Driving + Autonomous Vehicles
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Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are a technology under rapid development and are of immense interest to both commercial and private users. Most vehicles sold today have some autonomous features, but this is quickly changing.

Globally, at least 30 companies are working to make completely autonomous vehicles come true. Fully autonomous vehicles promise many benefits including safer travel, lower operational costs, lower emissions, and less traffic congestion.

AVs also pose a number of challenges and risks such as privacy of data, the legal and ethical dilemmas posed by collisions involving AVs, how to regulate the parameters of a driverless/autonomous vehicle, how insurance will adapt to the technology, and how to prevent “hacking” of such vehicles. Several countries already have laws in place to allow AVs to operate for testing and on public roads. Canada will follow suit.

Field Law has an in depth understanding of what a legal framework for autonomous vehicles will look like in Canada and our team is sought after to speak on development of this framework and its potential legal implications in Canada. We are well positioned to advise you on how your business can adapt and take advantage of the efficiencies that AVs will have to offer.