Ayushi Gupta
Ayushi Gupta
Patent Technical Specialist
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Ayushi Gupta is a Registered Indian Patent Agent and Patent Technical Specialist with over six years of experience in intellectual property law. Ayushi holds experience in serving clients from a wide variety of engineering domains ranging from the automobile industry, information technology, emerging technologies, construction, transportation, manufacturing, materials and metallurgy to telecommunications.

Ayushi helps her clients in:

  • Conducting invention mining to determine potential patentable subject matter being generated from their products
  • Conducting searches for patentability, infringement and freedom-to-operate, competitive landscapes, validity and invalidity
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting patents before the Canadian, US, PCT and Indian patent offices
  • Conducting IP portfolio management for clients to develop suitable IP prosecution strategies to create technology roadmaps
  • Supporting clients throughout the IP due diligence process including sale, license and purchase of patents and carrying out IP audit activities  
  • Advising clients on the development and timely update of IP policies
  • Advising R&D teams on laws and regulations for mitigating risks related to development, marketing, launching and selling of products across global markets
  • Training/mentoring research and development teams on basics of IP, IP risk mitigation and IP management.

The most frequently asked questions in her role are: “Is my invention patentable”? and “How do I file a patent application for my invention?” In response, she evaluates the invention’s novelty, non-obviousness, and utility to determine its patentability and tries to align it with the business goals of the clients to suggest effective patent strategies.

Being able to assist inventors and businesses in safeguarding their intellectual assets, and witnessing the impact it has on their success, is incredibly rewarding. Thus, intellectual property allows her to be a part of the ever-evolving world of innovation. Ayushi has a lethal combination of technical expertise, legal knowledge and is adept at finding creative solutions to technical problems by basically displaying skills of a problem-solver.

Value to Clients

“As an intellectual property client service provider, my distinctiveness shines through my holistic approach in meticulously understanding each invention and the ability to recommend suitable patent strategies in alignment with the business goals of the clients.

My philosophy is rooted in guiding clients at every stage of their invention’s lifecycle, ensuring comprehensive protection of their ideas and technologies. I pursue this path because I recognize the importance of protecting intellectual assets in today’s competitive landscape.  I aspire to be recognized as a trusted partner, who not only secures intellectual property rights but also empowers clients to thrive from the conceptualization stage of an invention all the way to successful commercialization.”

Outside the Office

Ayushi is an avid traveler who has travelled to multiple countries such as East Africa, Canada, Nepal apart from her home country India where she has toured in and around several states of India. She is also a certified scuba diver.

IIT Kharagpur Legal Aid Cell
2016 - 2017
Gopali Youth Welfare Society
Legal Aid Cell Head
2014 - 2017
Gopali Youth Welfare Society
Junior Executive Member
2014 - 2015
Gopali Youth Welfare Society
Editor-in-Chief of the monthly Newsletter “Pratirav” of the NGO
2014 - 2015
Indian Institute of Technology , 2017, LL.B., Intellectual Property Rights, First class distinction
Uttar Pradesh Technical University, 2014, Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering
Hindi (Fluent)