Field Law Community Fund

Giving back. Paying it forward. 
Eleven years. $835,000. 144 Ideas funded.

The Field Law Community Fund Program supports local pay-it-forward Ideas. Over the last eleven years the Program has awarded funds to support 128 organizations and charitable initiatives throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories. With $835,000 donated in support of these local initiatives to date, we are excited have awarded another $75,000 in 2023! 

"Field Law is thankful to all those who put a project forward for funding, and to everyone who voted for their favourite initiatives.” says Jeremiah Kowalchuk, Managing Partner, Field Law. “This year we received 151 applications, the most we’ve seen in the 11-year history of the program. There were many amazing and diverse initiatives that applied for the program, and each year we are impressed by the quality of applicants.”

The 2023 recipients were announced on Tuesday, November 23 and you can view their Ideas on the Field Law Community Fund Program site. While you're there, check out some of the success stories from past winners on the Program's Impact page.

Field Law's preferred causes (but not exclusive) are those that support education, healthcare, at-risk youth, homelessness, diversity, equality, women's organizations, community and sports or arts and culture.

How You Can Win Funding For Your Community

The Program runs annually and supports individuals, groups or organizations in Alberta and the Northwest Territories with pay-it-forward ideas for their communities. A total of $75,000 is divided among our Community Markets, with $30,000 distributed in the Southern Alberta Community Market; $30,000 distributed in the Northern Alberta Community Market; and $15,000 distributed in the Northwest Territories Community Market.

Each submission must:

  • Positively impact the Community Market in which it is located.
  • Clearly define the purpose for the funds requested and how the money will be managed for the duration of the implementation of the initiative.
  • Not have been previously awarded funding for the same Idea from the Field Law Community Fund Program.
  • Have a measurable impact in the community
  • Be an Idea for a designated new project where funding is not just added into existing operational and overhead accounts.
  • Conform to the Eligibility, Rules and Regulations.

Eligible ideas will participate in an online vote, allowing the public to show their support for their organizations of choice. Each idea is then reviewed by a Community Market Judging Panel, who takes the number of votes received into consideration as part of their evaluation. The final decision regarding how the funding will be allocated lies with the Panels.

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Check out this year's recipients!


Check out this year's recipients!

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