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A professional regulatory organization fulfills its primary purpose to protect the public, in part, by ensuring professionals are properly qualified and fit to practice prior to licensing.  Regulatory organizations are responsible for assessing applications for professional licensing and applying registration requirements in a fair and transparent way.  

Field Law’s professional regulatory lawyers have experience supporting Registrars and Registration Committees across a broad range of professions. Our lawyers can provide legal advice about registration issues including:

  • Processes for the assessment and recognition of professional training programs and foreign qualifications
  • The enforceability of statutory and other registration prerequisites
  • Labour mobility applications pursuant to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, etc. 
  • Good character and reputation issues
  • Human rights issues such as alleged discrimination in the registration processes, and
  • Reviews, appeals and judicial review of registration decisions.

Field Law’s Professional Regulatory Group can also review your organization’s current registration process, identify risks and provide recommendations to minimize the risk of a successful legal challenge.  

Contact us to discuss how we might assist your organization to carry out its registration process in the public interest.