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Field Law’s Immigration Group provides corporate clients with skilled advice and representation on a wide range of visa and business immigration matters. Our group includes experienced lawyers and paralegals collaborating to deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our lawyers provide focused strategies to reduce the obstacles that national borders present for skills and services. We assess, develop and implement the best immigration strategies for business visits, work/study permits, permanent residence and citizenship.

Our strategies consider both Canadian in bound immigration and US outbound immigration.

Field's immigration lawyers collaborate with our lawyers in the Tax, Business, Labour + Employment, Litigation, Education and Wills, Estates + Trusts to provide one-stop service to clients with international operations or global mobility programs.

We service and advise:

  • Employers
    • The best strategies for hiring skilled foreign workers through the Global Talent Stream or the International Mobility Program, including recruiting, advertising, obtaining labour market impact assessments (LMIAs)
    • Compliance audits and inspections
    • Transfers of employees/executives to the US
  • Foreign Nationals
    • Work permits, permanent residence, travel documents, restoration of status and citizenship in Canada
    • Business visitors, students and family members accompanying temporary foreign workers
  • On Appeals
    • Before the Immigration Appeal Division, Canadian International Trade Tribunal, Citizenship Judges and the Federal Court of Canada

Our clients stay well-informed through complementary seminars, publications and networking opportunities. Click here to sign up to receive articles on immigration. 

July 2023 - 5 min read
Employer Liability When Using Staffing Agencies to Hire Foreign Workers
Workwise Newsletter
Many employers rely on staffing agencies to assist with hiring employees. Despite this, employers remain liable and may be subject to sanctions if foreign workers are on site without proper authorization. As an employer, you must confi...
May 2023
Is Alberta’s Rural Renewal Immigration Stream the right option for your workforce needs?
Law Camera Action: Field Law Talks Law
Is Alberta’s Rural Renewal Immigration Stream the right option for your workforce needs? Alberta’s Rural Renewal Immigration Stream is a lesser-known and used avenue for quickly bringing eligible workers to smaller communities in Alber...
January + February 2023
2022 - A Year in Review: Labour + Employment (Part 1)
Seminar + Webinar
Join members of our Labour + Employment Group for our annual Year in Review, which focuses on legal updates for management and employee groups.Part 1 of this series will cover Labour, Occupational Health + Safety and Immigration. To view the ...
February 24 + March 10
2020 - A Year in Review Webinar Series
Did you miss the Field Law Labour + Employment Group's annual Year in Review? The recordings are now available! Is employer-friendly OHS legislation coming to a worksite near you? What are the impacts of COVID-19 on employment legislation a...
February 2021 - 1 min read
New Canadian Entry Requirements
Prime Minister Trudeau announced new legal requirements for entry into Canada in an effort to further curb the spread of COVID-19 and protect Canadians.  Cancellation of Flights  As of January 31, 2021, Canadian airlines have agreed to ca...
January 2021 - 2 min read
New Year, New Travel Rules, New US Immigration Policy
Canadian Travel Requirements Travel into Canada continues to be regulated and the monthly extension of restrictions remains without any end in sight. In late December 2020 the federal government announced a new measure to be enforced as of Ja...
March 2020
This Just Tweeted… US Immigration Updates based on COVID-19
Whether you saw it as a tweet or during a press conference over the weekend, President Trump announced that all social distancing must continue for Americans for at least another month, if not longer. While this isn’t the first or last update on ...
March 2020
Key Cross-Border Points for Canadians to Consider at this Time
Things are changing every day in the wake of COVID-19. Unanticipated consequences have begun to cause a fury of questions and unknowns.  The below aims to address both the immigration and tax concerns as it relates to those with assets and ties to...
January 2020
When a Door in the US Closes, Another in Canada Opens
Immigration Alert
It is not news to anyone that travelling to the US or obtaining a legal US work permit has been increasingly difficult over the last few years. Under the current administration, there have been extensive procedural and policy-related changes which ofte...
Winter 2020
2019 - A Year in Review Seminar Series
Join the Field Law Labour + Employment Group for our annual seminars featuring legal updates and practical challenges for management and employee groups.Part 1 has been approved for 1.75 CPD hours and Part 2 has been approved for 2.25 CPD hou...
December 2019
Cross-Border Workforce Trends in 2020
Workwise Newsletter
As we approach 2020, employers have increasing options for bringing skilled workers into Canada, while opportunities for employees to head south, to the United States, are increasingly limited. Field Law's Immigration Group projects three trends to...
September 26, 2019
Must Have Policies for Employers: Why, What + How
Join Field Law in Edmonton and Calgary and learn tips and tricks to assist with the implementation and enforcement of three workplace policies Employers should have in place in today’s market.We will explore how changes in legislation and culture...
March 2019
Maintaining Permanent Residency When Faced With a Departure Order
Immigration Alert
In order to maintain a permanent residency in Canada, residents must be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days (2 years) in every 5-year period. The 5-year period is assessed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC&rdqu...
February 6, 2019
2018 Year in Review for Northern Employers
Join Field Law for a review of the most important legal cases from 2018. Topics covered will include: Labour Employment Human Rights Occupational Health + Safety Privacy Immigration Cannabis This seminar will be broadcast live via ...
Winter 2019
2018 A Year in Review Seminar Series
The Field Law Labour and Employment Group presents the annual Year in Review seminars in Calgary and Edmonton. Join us for legal updates and practical challenges for management and employee groups in the areas of:  Part 1: Human Rights ...

Do I need an immigration lawyer?

Immigration applications do not require a lawyer to represent you, but the applications do have legal implications. An immigration lawyer can help guide you through feasible options, explain the steps of the process, and deal with any questions or issues that may arise. Further, an immigration lawyer is aware of processing trends and is equipped to advise on a wide range of issues. 

How much does it cost to hire an immigration lawyer?

Since the complexity of immigration applications differ based on type of application, number of applicants and many other factors, our fees to advise and/or prepare an application vary. Our team of lawyers are happy to provide you with more information based on your specific set of circumstances and can provide hourly quotes or flat fee based pricing. 

Do I need a visa to enter Canada?

Most travellers require a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (“ETA”) to enter Canada. Canada has different requirements for entry depending on your country of nationality. Some nationalities are required to apply for a visa that is to be affixed in the passport prior to travel while others require an ETA. Click here to find out what kind of travel authorization you need. 

Do I need a work permit to work in Canada?

Generally, yes. If you are completing work related duties in Canada you most likely need a work permit. However, in some cases an individual may be eligible to work without a work permit. Our immigration team can assist in assessing whether you are exempt from needing a work permit or providing guidance on the type of work permit you qualify for.

I want to hire a foreign worker in Canada, how can I do that?

There are multiple avenues an employer can use to hire a foreign worker. A number of factors need to be considered to determine a feasible work permit option. These factors include, but are not limited to, whether the individual is already employed with your organization, the nationality of the individual, and job role the individual will fill in Canada. 

I work in Canada, how can I become a Permanent Resident?

The Express Entry Program (the “Program”) is oftentimes the best route to apply for Permanent Residency (“PR”). The Program evaluates an individual's personal details and credentials, awarding a Comprehensive Ranking System (“CRS”) Score. Periodically, the government will conduct rounds of invitations based on CRS scores and if invited, an individual can submit an application for PR. Additional PR streams are available for specific circumstances. Reach out to one of our immigration team members to discuss your best option for PR. 

How do I sponsor my family to come to Canada?

If you are a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada you are able to sponsor your family members including your spouse, parent, dependent children, grandparents or other relatives. The familial relationship guides the type of application and the length of time your family member will be eligible to stay.

Do I become a Canadian Citizen when I marry a Canadian?

No. Marrying a Canadian citizen does not give you citizenship. Once married to a Canadian citizen, you are required to obtain a valid visa to enter and remain in Canada. Your Canadian spouse can sponsor you to become a permanent resident, which can eventually lead to Canadian citizenship once you meet the requirements.   

How long will it take to process my application?

Depending on when, where and what type of application you submitted, the processing time for your application will vary. You can find the most recently posted government processing times by clicking here.  

Do I need a visa to enter the United States?

The US has different requirements for entry depending on an individual's nationality. Many countries require a visa stamp issued prior to travel. Other countries are required to obtain “ESTA”, an approval through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, also known as the Visa Waiver Program.  A list of ESTA countries can be found by clicking here.   

Do I need a work visa to work in the United States?

Likely, yes. Most work authorization for the US is employer specific and requires your employer to be involved with the application. Generally our immigration team can provide an initial assessment of work permit options and work with you and your employer on an application. 

How do I apply for a student visa?

Usually, the post-secondary institution will have an international student department that will assist in preparing all the paperwork needed. 

What is a Green Card?

A Green Card is also known as Permanent Residency in the United States. A Green Card allows an individual to live and work in the US permanently. 

Our Canadian immigration services include:


  • Intra company Transfers (ICTs)
  • Business Visitors
  • Guest Speakers
  • Athlete and Artist visitors
  • Study permits
  • Work Permits
    • Canada’s treaties (NAFTA, CETA (Europe), CPTPP (Trans Pacific) and others)
    • Labour Market Impact Assessments including for owner/operators or start-ups
    • International Experience Canada 
    • International Mobility Program work permits
    • Global Talent Stream Labour Market Benefits Plans (LMBP)
    • Post-Graduate work permit
    • Change or Extend work permit
  • Dependent/Spouse visitor visas and work/study permits
  • Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETA)
  • Super Visas for parents and grandparents
  • Temporary Resident Visas
  • Temporary Resident Permits
  • Criminal Rehabilitation/Record Suspension


  • Citizenship application and appeal
  • Pathways to Permanent residence under the:
    • Express Entry Permanent Residence (Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian one year Experience Class)
    • Provincial nomination programs, including Alberta’s Immigration Nominee Program’s (AINP) Alberta Opportunity Stream
    • Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program for entrepreneurs
    • Caregivers pilot program
    • Dual Intent LMIAs
    • Family sponsorship
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate applications


  • Assist Employers to develop best practices, policies and plans to ensure compliance with Canada’s immigration laws
  • Represent Employers subject to audit or inspection

Appeals/Judicial Review:

  • Representing clients before immigration tribunals  (Immigration Appeal Division and Refugee Board)
  • Representing clients and challenging any immigration decision before the Federal Court or Federal Court of Appeal

Our inbound US immigration services include: 


  • L1A/B visas (Intra Company Transfers)
  • E1/2 visas (Investor/Treaty trader visas)
  • TN visas (Professionals)
  • H-1B Specialty Occupation
  • Business visitors
  • Inadmissibility Waivers
  • Athletes, Artists or Performer visas
  • Extraordinary Ability
  • Dependent visas and work permits


  • Green Cards
    • Employment Based
    • PERM Applications
    • Marriage Based
  • Naturalization Applications


  • Assisting employers in developing best practices, policies and plans to ensure compliance with immigration law and evolving immigration policy.