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A professional regulatory organization’s primary purpose is to regulate the profession in order to protect the public.  Regulators often have a number of tools to ensure professionals are properly qualified and fit to practice but a very important tool for regulators is the ability to receive and investigate complaints about members of the profession and to prosecute allegations of unprofessional conduct.

Field Law’s Professional Regulatory lawyers have prosecuted hundreds of professional discipline cases.  We provide support at all stages of the complaints and discipline process including:

  • Processing complaints in accordance with the governing legislation
  • Legal advice and support for investigators
  • Legal advice regarding the decision to refer a matter to a hearing or to dismiss it
  • Drafting formal allegations of unprofessional conduct
  • Alternate complaint resolution processes
  • Planning a discipline hearing
  • Prosecuting allegations of unprofessional conduct and addressing sanctions
  • Appeals, and
  • Applications for judicial review.

Field Law’s Professional Regulatory Group can also review your organization’s current complaints and discipline process, identify risks and provide recommendations to minimize the risk of a successful legal challenge.  

Contact us to discuss how we might assist your organization to carry out its complaints and discipline process in the public interest.

Fitzpatrick v. Physiotherapy Alberta College, 2017 ABQB 453