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A combination of sport, media, entertainment, technology and creative content, the world of esports can be complex from a legal perspective. Given the ambitious and rapidly growing esports industry, legal experience is valuable in helping teams, players, developers, sponsors and regulatory bodies develop sustainable and effective business practices.

Field Law is excited to be involved with esports in Canada and support a variety of activities as a partner of the Alberta Esports Association (AESA). Launched in 2020, AESA is a not-for-profit organization that aims to build industry standards and engage players, academic institutions and businesses.

Field Law supports AESA and its members to build and grow Alberta’s esports industry.

“Given the ambitious and rapidly growing esports industry, legal experience in the area is incredibly valuable in developing sustainable and effective business practices as the Alberta industry continues to develop. We are honoured to have Field Law to help us propel our growth by providing guidance and insightful content from a legal perspective.”

Tina Sang, PR Executive, AESA

At Field Law, we provide advice on all manner of issues impacting the esports sector, including:

  • Providing strategic and risk assessment for esports businesses and players
  • Providing copyright, patent and trademark advice relating to live streaming play, and moding
  • Structuring sponsorship agreements with major sponsors
  • Consulting with AESA and other industry and regulatory bodies regarding a legal framework for the governance of esports in Canada
  • Applying for non-immigration visas for gamers and support personnel
  • Advising on the creation, acquisition, expansion and operations of eSports teams, including employment and commercial matters, streamer contracts, player contracts and league participation agreements
  • Financing of esports businesses including securing venture capital financing
  • Creating end-user license agreements, terms of service and privacy policies