Leadership Team

Field Law is committed to meeting the needs of its clients through the delivery of creative, smart legal solutions that bring clarity to complex challenges. Our leadership team collaborates with our stakeholders to vision, lead and manage the way forward.

Field Law is governed by an Executive Committee composed of senior partners who represent a cross-section of the offices and practices. They are voted in for set terms. The Executive Committee has been delegated full firm-wide decision-making on everything except the accepting of new partners in the Partnership. The Executive Committee also includes the Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Professional Development and Recruitment as non-voting members. Field has organized its practices/client services with office-based leaders who report into the office-based Executive Committee members thereby integrating across practices.
The Firm has a strong profile in the market and believes in developing and implementing strategic plans. Field Law has realized continual growth even through the 2008 and recent economic depressions and attributes this success to our vision, leadership and management.
The legal profession is experiencing profound changes that Field Law takes very seriously and actively addresses through its strategic planning process. Our strategic plan is usually a 3-year plan that is created by a committee collaborating with firm groups and reporting to the Executive Committee. We have gone through more than a few challenging economic times in our 100 year history and our strategic plans have clearly helped us navigate the way forward successfully. 
In the long-term we face tumultuous change, consolidation and challenge to the legal profession. The Strategic Plan is justifiably ambitious in its scope but is still sufficiently practical and focused such that it can be successfully implemented. We are convinced that creation and successful implementation of strategic plans position the Firm to continue to thrive, grow and serve.

Executive Committee:

Jeremiah Kowalchuk
Firm Managing Partner
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