The Business of Cannabis
The Business of Cannabis
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The legalization of cannabis in Canada poses a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses. It is estimated that the recreational cannabis market in Canada may generate approximately $23 billion in annual revenue, creating jobs and fueling the growth of new businesses. Alberta is home to one of the largest cannabis producers in Canada and is witnessing a rapid expansion of investment and growth in the emerging cannabis sector.

Field Law’s Business Law group has significant experience developing business solutions for Albertans and is well positioned to support the emerging cannabis sector. With more than 30 lawyers dedicated to serving the diverse needs of small, mid-sized and multinational clients with interests in Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon, you can rely on our extensive resources and experience to seize opportunities and grow your cannabis business.

Development Permits

A development permit is required for all new cannabis stores.  When a permit is refused the decision can be appealed in front of the Subdivision Development and Appeal Board (Appeal Board).

While the process is designed to be simpler than appearing before a court of law, it is worth investing in working with a lawyer who understands the Land Use Bylaw and the nuances of the cannabis industry and can represent your best interests before the Appeal Board.

The team at Field Law works with a number of cannabis retailers and licensed producers in Alberta.

The team overturned a refusal of a cannabis store development permit in front of the Appeal Board. In doing so, they were able to get a relaxation of approximately 45m of the Land Use Bylaw’s required 300m separation distance between cannabis stores.

As appeal boards in Alberta continue to address the backlog of appeals generated from cannabis legalization, make sure you are prepared for your appeal by working with a team who can help you navigate the development permit process to get your business up and running.

Other services we provide to help navigate your business through cannabis legislation include:

  • Commercial transactions
  • Business structure, partnerships, joint ventures
  • Rezoning and development applications
  • Securities
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Finance and banking
  • Licensing, permitting and AGLC compliance
  • Advising on compliance with advertising and packaging requirements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Commercial leasing, and
  • Commercialization, franchise agreements, licensing agreements.

We can help your business secure leases, manage contracts, finance expansions and acquire new assets. Our aim is to grow your business.