Societies, Not-For-Profit + Charities
Societies, Not-For-Profit + Charities
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Field Law lawyers have advised numerous societies, not-for-profit companies and charities over the years on any number of matters, including: corporate structuring, governance and general corporate and commercial matters. We also assist clients in preparing and filing applications in registering as a charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act.

Field Law assists societies, not-for-profits, governments, institutions and Indigenous communities and corporations across Alberta and Northwest Territories with the creation of policies and procedures to support effective governance. Field Law services range from training and policy development and advice to tribunal hearing counsel and representation to matters of judicial review before the Courts.

Our lawyers are well versed in providing advice on a wide range of corporate governance issues ranging from financial accountability to legal oversight and risk management. We provide hands-on assistance and guidance to boards, individual directors and management in the fulfillment of their roles and responsibilities.