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Tips + Resources for Charities and Non-Profits as Estate Beneficiaries

Join Field Law’s Wills, Estates + Trusts Group for a complimentary lunch seminar designed to assist charities and non-profit organizations and their staff with an understanding of estate administration laws and procedures so as to better assess their rights when the charity is named as a beneficiary of an estate in a will.

There are many opportunities for a beneficiary to be treated unfairly or for their entitlement to a share of an estate to be depleted. Knowing your rights and the general trends in estate administration principles will allow you to make more informed decisions on behalf of your organizations when it comes to:

  • Personal representatives’ duties
  • The proper amount of personal representative compensation
  • The general process and timing of steps in an estate administration
  • Scope and content of Releases
  • Options for and costs of resolving contentious issues

Who should attend? This session is designed for charities and non-profit organization management and staff involved with the administration of estate benefits.

Event Date: February 28, 2023



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