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Don't Forget the Sanctions...
Professional Regulatory Webinar

You’ve heard all the evidence and the charges are proven. For the professional whose career is on the line, nothing could be more important than what comes next...

Presented by James Casey, KC and Gregory Sim of the Field Law Professional Regulatory Group, this webinar will discuss important considerations for assessing and imposing sanctions in professional discipline cases, including:

  • The purposes and types of professional discipline sanctions
  • Factors to take into account when assessing and imposing sanctions
  • (Un)governability: What is it? When does it exist? 
  • How to ensure you comply with the duty of fairness
  • Human rights considerations
  • Costs and how to fairly assess them

Who should attend? This webinar is designed for regulators and their tribunal, board and committee members involved in discipline hearings and appeals.

Original broadcast: May 3, 2018

Missed the Presentation? Purchase the Recording!

The webinar recording and materials can be purchased for $100. Click here to purchase.