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Franchising is booming in Canada from restaurants and fast-food chains to hotels and fitness centres, franchised businesses continue to expand. With this rapid growth of franchising as a business model and with an increased public profile for litigation issues involving franchising, the practice of franchise law has become much more complicated.

When it comes to establishing agreements, organizing contracts, reviewing financing documents, and identifying those risks, it is crucial to seek professional assistance.

At Field Law, we offer the following services:

  • Preparation, review and negotiation of franchise documents, including:
    • Franchise agreements
    • Disclosure materials
    • Commercial leasing documents
    • License and supply contracts
  • Assisting you with reviewing financing documents
  • Helping you incorporate your business and negotiate and prepare shareholder agreements
  • Advising on intellectual property issues, corporate governance issues, and regulatory compliance
  • Providing advice to resolve franchise and leasing disputes

In addition to franchise law, we offer help in other areas including:

  • Drafting general employment agreements, policies, and procedures
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Contract disputes or breach of contracts

Whether you are starting with a new franchise or hoping to grow your current business venture, we can help.