Roxanne Alfaro Mendez
Roxanne Alfaro Mendez
Paralegal, Foreclosures + Debt Recovery
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Roxanne Alfaro Mendez has been a part of the legal industry for over 24 years, spending the last 12 years focusing on foreclosure and collections. 

Roxanne understands the economic impact of mortgages and loans in default and serves to efficiently and swiftly recover the funds for the clients. She has experience in all aspects of outstanding debt recovery including settlement negotiations, litigation, real estate conveyancing, and processing mortgage insurance claims.

Roxanne is well versed to communicate the legal processes to both clients and borrowers in default and strives to educate borrowers on best practices as they move through stages of settlement or litigation.

Outside the Office

Roxanne loves long walks or bike riding, journal writing, organizing gatherings with family or friends for meals, listening to music around the backyard fire pit or game nights.  She has taken an interest in personal development and growth in the hope to achieve greater health and wealth.  Roxanne desires to find a forum to pursue and practice education in personal development and encourage others to do the same.

Mount Royal University, 1995, Legal Assistant Diploma