Logan Maddin
Logan Maddin
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Logan Maddin is a lawyer in our Calgary office focussing on the areas of general litigation and insurance.  

Logan has represented a broad range of clients in multiple industry sectors in Alberta, from individuals to corporations. His insurance practice includes matters involving defense and subrogated actions for property and injury matters.

His general litigation practice is focussed largely on construction matters and commercial disputes. His approach to providing legal services is a solutions-focussed, with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for clients while avoiding costly and protracted litigation when possible. Logan achieves this by being transparent with his clients and providing a holistic perspective on their particular matter.

Prior to receiving his law degree from Thompson Rivers University (TRU), Logan graduated with a geology degree from the University of Calgary. Logan was called to the Alberta Bar in July 2022.

Outside the office

Logan enjoys skiing, golfing, and playing hockey. If not doing something to stay active, Logan likes to check out what beers the local craft breweries have to offer.

November 2023 - 6 min read
Third-Party Beneficiary of a Contract Bound by Mandatory Arbitration Clause
Constructive Thoughts Newsletter
The Court had to determine whether an owner, as third-party beneficiary of a subcontract, could litigate contractual warranty claims against a subcontractor, when the subcontract required “all disputes” under the subcontrac...
May 24, 2023 - 4 min read
Surety Liability Under a Performance Bond
The Court faced a situation where it had to determine whether a surety had any liability under a performance bond. The Court found that even where it could not conclusively determine whether certain damages were due to the principal...
March 2023
Costs + Damages Entitlement for Wrongfully Registered Liens
If a person wrongfully registers a lien, the property owner is entitled to costs and damages incurred resulting from the wrongfully registered lien. The specific award will depend on the circumstances of the case, but may include rea...
January 2023 - 4 min read
Does a Subcontractor Have a Claim for Unjust Enrichment Against the Owner?
The Court confirmed that if a subcontractor registers a lien and subsequently fails to perfect that lien claim, it does not have an unjust enrichment claim. The lack of privity between an owner and subcontractor rarely results in a v...
January 2023 - 4 min read
Court Provides Clarity on Substituting Lien Bonds for Cash in Court
The Court stated that while posting a lien bond as a replacement for cash paid into court can free up funds that help lead to the completion of the project, doing so cannot be done if it undermines the trust provisions of lien legislat...
September 2022 - 4 min read
Exposure for Developers: Potential Liability for Dangerous Defects
In construction law, it is common for anyone actively participating in construction projects to have duties imposed upon them to ensure the work is completed safely and is free from dangerous defects. If there is no evidence of the developer's r...
July 2022 - 5 min read
Connected + Protected? Lien Rights on Different Lands
Whether Crown lands in Canada can be liened varies by province, but invariably, work done on some lands is not lienable. In JVD Installations Inc. v. Skookum Creek Power Partnership, the British Columbia Court of Appeal faced the following qu...
April 2022 - 3 min read
Priority of Lien Claims in a Post-Redwater World
The Supreme Court of Canada's Redwater decision concluded that provincial end-of-life abandonment and reclamation obligations, which are not claims provable in bankruptcy, must still be satisfied by a bankrupt estate, regardless of a...
February 2022 - 13 min read
Quinsam: A Tool for Secured Creditors to Protect Their Security Interest When a Bankrupt Has Regulatory Obligations?
ARIL Society Inc.
Uncertainty still shrouds the intersection between environmental law and insolvency law in Canada. Conflicts within this intersection generally arise when a provincial regulatory action frustrates the equitable distribution of the bankrupt’s esta...
January 2022 - 4 min read
Discharging a Builders' Lien: Is Cash King?
Posting either a lien bond or cash as security to discharge a builders' lien is standard practice in Alberta. Seemingly, this is because the lien claimant is not prejudiced by the posting of one form of security over the other.  But is a ...
Thompson Rivers University, 2021, Juris Doctor
University of Calgary, 2017, Bachelor of Science, Geology, First Class Honours