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Field Law has been Named as a Recipient of the 5-Star Insurance Law Firm Award
Insurance Business Canada

Field Law is proud to be honoured in the Insurance Business Canada magazine and website as a recipient of the 5-Star Insurance Law Firm Award. 

The Award is a result of 15-weeks research, surveying insurance leaders and a wide range of insurance companies to determine what insurers value in the law firms they collaborate with. The in-depth information gleaned from this survey enabled the research team to assign weighted values to the services offered by law firms to their insurance industry clients. At the end of the research period, the law firms and lawyers that received the highest rankings in terms of work quality, expertise and client service were declared 5-Star Award winners in the field of insurance law. 

At Field Law, we continually aim to provide transparent advice and educate our clients on emerging legal issues and procedures to help them thrive in their businesses. Receiving recognition for work we are passionate about is simply a bonus.