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COVID Curveball: Legal Considerations for Amateur Sports Organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down, postponed and otherwise significantly impacted amateur sports in Alberta. For the foreseeable future, amateur sports organizations will need to alter the delivery of their programs to comply with shifting regulations and legal requirements. As we move into spring/summer and the prospect of return to play, join Jason Harley for a complimentary webinar that will discuss:

  • Do fees need to be refunded if the playing season is shortened, cancelled or altered part-way through?
  • Should participants be asked to sign a pandemic waiver? Is it legally binding?
  • What pandemic-related training needs to be offered to coaches, officials and players?
  • What other steps should an amateur sports organization take to minimize its liability?

Who should attend: This webinar is designed Executive Directors, board members, top management, or anyone involved in the management or administration of amateur sports organizations.

Original broadcast: Thursday, May 6


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