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We said “Back to work!” They said “We refuse!” Now what?

The Alberta government announced its "safely staged COVID-19 relaunch" and you’re thinking it’s time to call your laid-off or working-from-home crews back to work. Or you’re carrying on providing essential services and the “relaunch” means more people may be attending your work site(s).

But what if workers refuse to return? What if workers refuse to work because of no or insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) that’s in short supply?

Join Steve Eichler and Sharon Roberts as they review employer obligations and employee rights under Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety, Human Rights and Employment Standards legislation and the Canada Labour Code. Steve and Sharon will address:

  • What must employers do to ensure a safe return under the "relaunch"?
  • How should (and shouldn’t) employers respond to work refusals for COVID-19 related risks?
  • What are the links between work refusal and employment?

Original presentation: May 13, 2020


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