Tracy Clarke

Airforce brat moved across Canada
Married 40+ years with 2 kids - a boy, a girl and 3 grandchildren
No formal legal education
Receptionist at Crook Shanly in 1985 for 5 years. Later merged with Duncan Craig LLP
Wasn’t happy, left to pipeline construction company
Ran into a friend who recommended Field Law
Jennifer Oaks assistant – learned real estate 
Very great teacher – firm good about education / law society
25 years at Field Law in May 2021
Like the fact that we have the best programs, equipment, cutting edge of paralegal tools
Comradery of lawyers and staff  - work together respected
Empowered to work 
Field supportive to staff
Desks, ergonomic, double-screens, tools to do the job, productive and effective and part of the team’s success