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Jill Bishop
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Jill Bishop is a litigation lawyer in the areas of complex commercial proceedings, construction disputes, insolvency and insurance litigation. She is a tenacious advocate for her clients and never loses sight of practical and efficient resolution options. 

Jill is results-orientated and has a proven track record of achieving success for her clients in Alberta and British Columbia, including individuals, directors, shareholders, and companies of various sizes and spanning several industry sectors. She is licensed to serve clients in both jurisdictions and her clients return to her for assistance whenever a dispute is brewing.

She has recently assisted clients with the following nuanced areas of dispute: 

  • Commercial transactions with issues of corporate authority and self-dealing;
  • Defending complex oppression claims by minority shareholders in respect to corporate governance;
  • Prosecuting and defending derivative actions by corporations;
  • Injunctions to protect corporate and personal assets until the dispute is resolved;
  • Enforceability of contracts where changes in the energy sector have made the contract impossible to perform;
  • Collections and insolvency proceedings;
  • Insurance matters including professional liability, director and officer liability, bodily injury, coverage and subrogation;
  • Commercial and personal liability for occupiers and builders and adherence to the Alberta and British Columbia Building Codes; and
  • Defending and prosecuting construction disputes including construction lien claims, surety bonds, project delay, and force majeure clauses. 

Value to Clients

Jill knows the value of hard work, with her preparation paying off for her clients in effective cross-examinations, negotiations and submissions / arguments in court. Her breadth of experience spanning various types of disputes, judicial (court) and arbitration proceedings enables her to advise clients on formal and informal mechanisms for resolution, and strategy for achieving their desired outcomes.  

She builds trusting relationships with her clients to gain insight into the nuances of their businesses and their motivations, which facilitates cost-effective and often creative strategies to achieve their goals. 

Outside the Office

Away from her desk Jill loves to travel – most recently enjoying the culture and cuisine of Mexico City. Locally, she enjoys hiking, skiing and golfing in the spectacular Rockies. On a typical weekend morning in Calgary, you will find Jill at her neighborhood coffee shop before heading on an adventure to find a new playground with her young children.

Canadian Bar Association – Construction Law (Alberta South)
Section Executive
2021 - Present
Kelowna Bar Association
2016 - 2018
Canadian Bar Association (Young Lawyers Okanagan)
2015 - 2018
March 2024 - 4 min read
Interviewing Witnesses as an Adjustor: Don’t Invite Everyone!
This case highlights the importance of exercising care when inviting parties to an witness interview. Broad invites can lead to unintended waiver of litigation privilege over interview transcripts. In relation to a building fire for wh...
December 2023 - 4 min read
Production of a Plaintiff’s Medical Reports from a Prior Accident
In a personal injury matter, a dispute arose over the production of a plaintiff’s independent medical examination records and reports from a prior action. The Alberta Court of King’s Bench determined that such records are a...
November 24, 2023
Calculation + Response to Whole Person Impairment
Whole Person Impairment ("WPI") Ratings have taken on greater implications in a world where claimants seek to ensure that they can prove that their injury is not a “minor injury”. WPI can be assessed by a variety of specialists, w...
October 2023 - 7 min read
Liability in Construction Contracts: Negligence + The Corporate Veil
A majority shareholder faced potential personal liability due to negligence during project oversight; however, the Alberta Court of Appeal clarified that such liability isn't easily established, emphasizing that the corporate veil ...
March 2023
Costs + Damages Entitlement for Wrongfully Registered Liens
If a person wrongfully registers a lien, the property owner is entitled to costs and damages incurred resulting from the wrongfully registered lien. The specific award will depend on the circumstances of the case, but may include rea...
September 2022 - 4 min read
Exposure for Developers: Potential Liability for Dangerous Defects
In construction law, it is common for anyone actively participating in construction projects to have duties imposed upon them to ensure the work is completed safely and is free from dangerous defects. If there is no evidence of the developer's r...
August 2022 - 5 min read
Court Clarifies Indirect Loss Claims and Class Proceeding Definitions
A recent case from the Alberta Court of Appeal demonstrates that claims in pure economic loss can be difficult and that there needs to be sufficient directness or relatedness of relationship and damage for a party to succeed. In addition, individual pr...
January 2022
Meet Our Newest Partners
Field Law welcomes Jill Bishop and Richard Stobbe to its partnership.Field Law is pleased to welcome Jill Bishop and Richard Stobbe as firm partners, starting January 1, 2022.“Both Richard and Jill have demonstrated leadership and commitment to e...
October 7, 2021
Recent Developments in the Alberta Insurance Industry
In the insurance industry, circumstances can – and often do – change in the blink of an eye. Join Brian Filips, Jill Bishop and Angela Beierbach of Field Law's Insurance Group for a complimentary webinar on recent developments in t...
Osgoode Hall Law School, 2022, Shareholder Disputes in the Closely Held Company
Osgoode Hall Law School, 2020, Certificate in Construction Law
University of Saskatchewan, 2013, Juris Doctor
British Columbia,2014