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Coffee + Counsel: COVID-19 + Professional Regulatory Organizations - A Potpourri of Legal Issues
Q+A Session

Join us for Coffee + Counsel, a complimentary webinar series that brings you together with a few of our lawyers for an unscripted chat about legal issues pertinent to professional regulatory organizations across Canada. Your questions guide the discussion, and we provide our legal perspectives.

Professional regulatory organizations have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic much longer than we ever anticipated. Given the dynamic nature of the pandemic, regulators are constantly being challenged to consider new issues, often in an evolving legal landscape.

Some of the questions that regulators may be thinking about include:

  • Can professional regulatory bodies waive or reduce regulatory requirements due to potential shortages of regulated professionals?
  • What if an applicant can’t meet the regulator’s entry to practice standards due to the pandemic (e.g. cancellation of exams or practicums)?
  • Can professional regulatory bodies discipline their members for social media posts expressing opposition to vaccines? What about participation in anti-masking demonstrations or other activities protesting public health orders?
  • Can professional regulators mandate that their regulated members be vaccinated? Can regulated members be suspended if they don’t? 

Grab your coffee and your lunch and join us for a dynamic discussion of the issues in an open Q + A session with James Casey, KC, Katrina Haymond, Gregory Sim and Jason Kully.

Original broadcast: November 22, 2021


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