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Reviews of Registration + Practice Permit Decisions Under the Health Professions Act
Virtual Workshop

The majority of the work done by Council members consists of governance with respect to the College’s regulatory functions and operations. Council members also have important adjudicative functions, and are also responsible for conducting reviews of decisions made with respect to registration and renewal of practice permits. Given the applicable duty of fairness, it is important for Council members to understand the registration process and the legal principles that they need to apply.

Join Jason Kully and Vita Wensel for a 3-hour virtual workshop designed to provide Council members with the foundational knowledge needed to conduct effective reviews of registration and practice permit decisions. Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the registration and renewal process and potential outcomes
  • Right to seek a review
  • Participants in the review process
  • Procedures in a review
  • Council’s authority following a review
  • Key legal concepts, including procedural fairness, standard of review, and applications to introduce “fresh evidence” 
  • Specific issues arising in registration/renewal context, including assessment of good character and reputation and human rights considerations

The workshop will include a review of several scenarios to illustrate the principles addressed.

Who should attend? This workshop is specifically designed for members of Councils or committees that conduct registration and renewals reviews under the HPA. Staff of colleges involved in registration processes may also benefit from this workshop.

Original broadcast: June 13, 2024
Cost: $250/attendee

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