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Calculation + Response to Whole Person Impairment

Whole Person Impairment ("WPI") Ratings have taken on greater implications in a world where claimants seek to ensure that they can prove that their injury is not a “minor injury”. WPI can be assessed by a variety of specialists, with assessments sometimes varying greatly between experts. But what is a WPI rating and how can defence professionals respond to such an assessment?

Join orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Trump, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCSC and Field Law's Jill Bishop for a complimentary webinar that will discuss:

  • What is WPI and how is it calculated?
  • How may WPI assessments differ between specialists?
  • How should various WPI be assessed together?
  • What does a WPI mean and how does it relate to disability?
  • What affect does a WPI have on damages assessed in a personal injury claim?
  • What are some strategies to respond to a Plaintiff's WPI assessment?

Who should attend? The webinar will be of interest to adjusters and claims examiners investigating all types of personal injuries.

Original broadcast: November 24, 2023



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