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Biomechanics + Human Factors in Personal Injury Litigation

Understanding the forces and motions experienced during injury causing events can be an important consideration when evaluating causation in the context of personal injury litigation. Whether it's a slip and fall or a motor vehicle collision, humans are involved and an assessment of their behaviour is critical to fully understanding the liability landscape.

Join 30 Forensic Engineering’s Dr. Adam Campbell and Dr. Chad Gooyers and Field Law’s Jonathon Austin for a complimentary webinar that will discuss:

  • The value of human factors assessments and how human factors can help address liability and causation
  • How biomechanical techniques can be used to determine whether the reported injury was present during the incident, and whether the injury is consistent with the reports
  • How courts are looking at this type of expert evidence and what they have found to be useful in helping them make their rulings

Who should attend? The presentation will be of interest to adjusters and claims examiners investigating personal injury claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls.

Original broadcast: September 22, 2021


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