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Important Professional Regulatory Cases of 2020

Learn about the most important professional regulatory court cases of 2020. What are the key legal trends? What are the strategic and operational implications for regulators?

Presented by James Casey, KC and Leanne Monsma, this popular annual webinar included a comprehensive review of key cases that address topics including: 

  • Social media postings by regulated professionals: Where is the dividing line between freedom of expression, private conduct and possible unprofessional conduct? 
  • Protected titles and challenges under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms 
  • Delay in professional discipline proceedings: New challenges for regulators and new strategies required. 
  • Duty to cooperate during investigations: How much pre-interview disclosure can regulated members demand? 
  • Sexual abuse claims: Application of mandatory revocation legislation
  • Interim suspensions: Challenges for regulators and some hopeful signs of a shift in the tide
  • Claims against regulators: Recent developments
  • Confidentiality and privilege: What is the impact on regulatory investigations? Can the police subpoena a regulator’s investigative records? 
  • Assessing credibility: More challenges for tribunals and more training required
  • Vavilov and professional regulation: Vavilov is considered one of the most important administrative law cases in decades, but what has it changed for professional regulators?  
  • ...and much more!

Jim and Leanne represent regulators in all areas of practice and Jim is the author of the leading textbook, “The Regulation of Professions in Canada”.

Who should attend? This webinar is designed for anyone who wants to stay current with the most important legal cases and trends affecting professional regulators including staff at all levels, council members, committee members, and tribunal members.