Evie Thorne
Evie Thorne
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Evie Thorne is an Edmonton-based lawyer, practicing in the areas of labour and employment, professional regulatory and human rights. Evie is part of Field Law’s workplace investigation team and has completed trauma-informed training.

Evie hails from England, graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in law and sociology. Following her graduation, she moved to rural Japan where she worked for the Japanese Government teaching English, before finally settling in Alberta, Canada. Evie also worked in the financial services industry in London, England. Working in this fast-paced environment Evie developed the skills essential to providing timely and effective solutions to her clients’ needs. 

Outside the Office

Evie is a keen traveler, having spent the majority of her adult life outside the country where she was born. She enjoys learning languages and immersing herself in new cultures. 

Pathways to Law ProBono Scheme
2008 - 2011
Winter 2019
2018 A Year in Review Seminar Series
The Field Law Labour and Employment Group presents the annual Year in Review seminars in Calgary and Edmonton. Join us for legal updates and practical challenges for management and employee groups in the areas of:  Part 1: Human Rights ...
January 2019
The Long And Winding Road To Accommodation - How Long Is Too Long?
Workwise Newsletter
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association v Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, 2018 CanLII 90730After a lengthy period of time off work, a school board failed to accommodate a teacher with their return to work within a suitab...
December 2018
2018 Field Law Post-Secondary Summit Recap
The third annual Field Law Post-Secondary Summit was held on November 29 in Edmonton, and was co-chaired by Greg Harding, QC and Derek Cranna. Brief summaries of the presentations given at the Summit are provided below, followed by a directory of the l...
November 2018
Court Upholds Decision to Allow Post-Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing After Near Miss
Canadian Employment Law Today
October 2018
Court Upholds Decision to Allow Post-Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing After Near-Miss
Workwise Newsletter
November 22, 2018
Tips + Resources for Charities and Non-Profits as Estate Beneficiaries
Wills, Estates + Trusts Seminar
Join Field Law’s Wills, Estates + Trusts Group and your colleagues from the non-profit sector for a complimentary lunchtime seminar. This seminar is designed to assist charities and non-profit organizations and their staff with an understanding o...
February 2018
Case Summary: Hartley v Security National Insurance Company
Defence + Indemnity
A. An Ontario plaintiff was held to be able to look to his OPCF 44R insurer to pay his damages in excess of a liability cap in the  U.S. state where the accident occurred up to the OPCF 44R limits but not for the plaintiff’s U.S. legal fees....
February 2018
Case Summary: Alberta v Suncor Energy Inc.
Defence + Indemnity
A. Documents generated for an internal investigation of an accident can be protected by litigation privilege if they were created for the dominant purpose of litigation but that does not mean that every document on the investigation file is privileged ...
December 2017
Case Summary: Co-operators General Insurance Company v. Kane
Defence + Indemnity
C. Where the policy excludes coverage for intentional acts, allegations of negligence relating to the same claim will not be excluded from coverage if “it is possible that they were not committed with the same intention or state of mind, being to...
December 2017
Case Summary: Reeb v. The Guarantee Company of North America
Defence + Indemnity
D. An insurer-appointed defence counsel will be in conflict of interest if the interests of the insurer and the insured are not in alignment, and in such cases the Court may appoint independent counsel (an amicus curae or Cumis counsel) to defend the i...
December 2017
Case Summary: Baker v Poucette
Defence + Indemnity
A. Where a plaintiff is held to suffer a negative loss (i.e. has had a “gain”) under one head of damage, that gain is not to be offset or deducted from another head of damage where the plaintiff has suffered a loss. Baker v Poucette, 2017 ...
October 2017
The Brick Warehouse LP v Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
Defence + Indemnity Newsletter
A. Where an insured’s employee followed an email from a fraudster posing as a vendor to change the electronic payment instructions to an account controlled by the fraudster, coverage was denied under the funds transfer fraud coverage in a crime p...
October 2017
Birss v Tien Lung Taekwon-Do Club
Defence + Indemnity Newsletter
A. The Master allowed a claim for a sports injury to be amended to add breach of fiduciary duty as a cause of action in the teacher-student situation, and held that while sports participants are taken to consent to the risks inherent in the sport, ther...
June 2017
Case Update for Styles v. Alberta Investment Management Corporation
Workwise Newsletter
On June 1, 2017, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an application for leave to appeal of the decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal in Styles v. Alberta Investment Management Corporation.1 This leaves the Alberta Court of Appeal’s decision u...
University of Warwick, 2012, Bachelor of Arts, Law and Sociology, With Honours