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An Employer's Guide to Hybrid Work Arrangements

Employers have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic longer than we anticipated, creating unforeseen challenges for management and human resources departments. As the dust continues to settle, many employers are moving to implement fully remote or hybrid work models for their workforce.

Join Field Law's Labour and Employment Group for a comprehensive half-day workshop that will provide attendees with tips and resources to help optimize remote and hybrid work arrangements while avoiding legal pitfalls.

Part I: Employment Contracts, Remote Work Agreements + Policies 

Join Geoff Hope and Lee Carter for a session that will cover best practices for employment contracts, remote work agreements and policies, including:

  • Does a remote work arrangement change the employees’ terms and conditions of employment?
  • What are the employer’s requirements around remote work arrangements and how should these be addressed?
  • Should employers have a written agreement with employees engaged in remote work arrangements? What format should it take and how does it tie into any existing employment contracts?
  • How do remote work arrangements fit into employers’ existing policies? Should employers have a separate policy relating to remote work arrangements? 

Part II: Privacy, Intellectual Property, Confidential Information + Data Management

Join Joël Michaud and Richard Stobbe for a session that will cover privacy considerations, including:

  • What considerations should be taken when it comes to employee privacy and the monitoring of off-site employees?
  • What is an employer’s obligation to protect the privacy of third parties (such as customers, clients and other employees)?
  • How can employers protect their confidential information and intellectual property with employees working from home?

Part III: Other Important Considerations

Join Caitlyn Field for a potpourri session that will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • How do employers manage occupational health and safety considerations with employees working from home?
  • What do employers need to be aware of with respect to WCB coverage for hybrid or remote employees?
  • What are the tax considerations for employees working remotely?
  • How does Employment Standards legislation apply when employees work outside of Alberta?
  • What considerations should employers consider for accommodating employees while working from home?

This workshop has been approved by CPHR Alberta for 3 CPD hours.

Original broadcast: October 27, 2022
Cost: $175/attendee