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Call the Expert! What Regulators Need to Know About Retaining + Instructing Expert Witnesses

Join the Field Law Professional Regulatory Group and your professional regulatory colleagues for our first lunch time roundtable in a couple of years! This roundtable is designed to help complaints directors and other regulatory professionals better understand the role of expert evidence during discipline hearings.

At this roundtable we will discuss topics such as:

  • When should regulators consider retaining an expert?
  • What qualifies someone to act as an expert?
  • Can an expert provide an opinion on whether a member has engaged in unprofessional conduct?
  • When is it necessary to call expert evidence to establish a relevant standard?
  • What information can/should be provided to the expert before the expert prepares a written opinion?
  • Can the regulator provide feedback on an expert’s draft report before it is finalized?
  • Must draft reports and communication between the regulator and the expert be disclosed if the complaint proceeds to a hearing?

Who should attend? This roundtable is designed for staff of professional regulatory organizations who are involved in complaints, as well as tribunal members involved in discipline hearings.

Date: Tuesday, June 14

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