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The Annotated Health Professions Act
Published by Thomson Reuters

Written by James Casey, KC, Katrina Haymond, Greg Sim and Jason KullyThe Annotated Health Professions Act is written for both lawyers and members of professional regulatory associations and provides an overview of Alberta’s Health Professions Act, including the full text of the Act with section-by-section commentary. All cases that judicially consider the Act are included.

Cross-references to other relevant works and resource materials—including flowcharts and checklists with respect to key regulatory processes—are featured, including registration, renewal of practice permits, investigation and discipline, continuing competence, and unauthorized practice and incapacity. 

Key benefits of this work:

  • Extensive commentary on all the key provisions of the Health Professions Act (HPA)
  • Summaries of over 100 cases, including any significant cases considering the HPA and other key administrative law cases
  • Extensive analysis of the sexual abuse and sexual misconduct amendments to the legislation
  • Flow charts for all key regulatory processes
  • 25 template letters that can be adapted by regulatory colleges to their own needs
  • 5 decision templates for hearing tribunals, complaint review committees, and council 

"This Annotation is a great resource for the numerous professional regulatory bodies governed by the Health Professions Act, their members, and their legal counsel. Like the HPA itself, the Annotation deals with all aspects of the legal landscape involving professional regulatory bodies.

"It also contains considerable information about the relevant administrative law principles which apply to disciplinary proceedings. The commentary is well organized and readily accessible for all levels of readers. As one would expect from these authors, this is a first-rate production which everyone connected with the field will want to have on their desks.” 

- David Phillip Jones, Q.C., de Villars Jones LLP, Edmonton

"The Annotated Health Professions Act is an extremely valuable resource to anyone with an interest in the regulation of health professions. Its overview of the history of the Health Professions Act (HPA) and the policy objectives leading to its development provides a succinct background for understanding the robust regulatory framework that exists today.

"The guide provides a meticulous commentary on each of the sections, thereby providing the reader a greater depth of understanding of the legislation and its intent. Summaries of cases that have judicially considered sections of the HPA augments the commentary and grants the reader further insight and consideration.

"Of particular benefit is the section that provides extensive resources for the key regulatory processes that can be utilized and adapted by regulatory colleges. This publication will enhance the abilities of the health professions to meet their regulatory mandate under the Health Professions Act. It is destined to become a fixture on the desk of regulatory college staff and their legal counsels!”

– Kathy Hilsenteger, Executive Director, Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professions

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